8 signs you are you dating a b_tchy woman

by Vinita Chaturvedi


If you’re in the hands of such a beast, you may already suspect it. 

She’ll tease and allure other men right in front of you, never once considering how you may feel about it.

There are no bounds to her search for attention and admiration. And to top it off, she’ll extract whatever feelings of jealousy she can from you by comparing you to other men.

A b__ch cares nothing about the feelings of others, not even those of the hapless sap she may be dating.

In fact, she uses her man as a punching bag. Sometimes she even berates him in front of his friends, or even hers. She does this either as a power trip, to show others she can, or simply to beat a man’s self-worth down to her own level — after all, misery loves company.

A bitch’s massive superiority complex makes her think people are born to be her servants, especially her boyfriend.

As someone who spends a lot of his time with her, she uses you to do all the menial tasks that she doesn’t want to. Sometimes she’ll even boss you around for the power trip — just because she can.

As she thinks that it is the duty of others to provide for her, the bitch is a tightwad.

On dates she always selects expensive restaurants, orders the priciest dish and drink, but never offers to pay. She won’t pitch in for petrol on trips or for food at a get-together. She buys crappy gifts for others, when she can be bothered, usually expecting you to pay for them. And if you mention any of these things, she’ll accuse you of being cheap!

A bitch has no respect for those who do things for her.

She’s rude to people who work in the service industry, such as waiters and clerks, seeing them not as human beings, but as robots who exist solely to serve her. She talks at them — not to them.

She has no compassion for people in need, such as the poor or the sick.

“It’s their own fault,” she’ll tell herself and others. More sickening still, she’s mean to children, as they are a nuisance and can’t do anything for her. And since her existence dwells on envy, she constantly badmouths other women over trivial things, such as their earrings or the way they speak.

You want to know just how heartless such a woman can be?

Not only does she not appreciate all the effort you put into pleasing her sexually, she also has the gall to ridicule you. But she’ll pick the oddest times to do so, such as during an unrelated argument or just randomly in passing. This could be a cruel comment about your size, stamina or technique. More grating still is the fact that she would go crazy if you were to reciprocate the slur.

A b__ch is usually a spoiled brat who simply refuses to grow up.

She was pampered and adored as a child, and typically given anything she asked for. As an adult, she still thinks she is entitled to everything. She consistently expects car rides, gifts and attention from you. She makes constant demands of people, and never listens to their requests. There is no fixing such a person; it’s programmed into her. Only by being denied several times will she begin to get a clue.


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