#ABetterYou: 5 Keys that unlock focus potential

by Dr. Deana Murphy

Did you know the opposite of focused is scatterbrained? You can say that your brain is scattered all over the place and cannot aim on one thing for any particular period of time. What causes this? I see this as one of the biggest hurdles many of my clients face. In helping them hurdle this barrier and live a well-design life like never before, there are several keys I used that unlocked their focus potential.

Before doing some research, I personally was having difficulty maintaining clarity in the midst of confusion. I so much wanted to zone in on one activity at a time and see it to its completion, but I was having some major issues. With good intentions, I started one project after another, excited as a bee in its hive, but my mind was all over the place. And guess what? The excitement faded, my confidence took a dive and I accomplished nothing.

Hence I adopted this as the definition of focus, “the ability to retain clarity and confidence in the midst of confusion.” From my research and experience here’s why we have tendencies to become scatterbrained.

For one thing, the well-known “F” word emerges, you know, the FEAR, and becomes stronger than your desire. Many times the opinions of others replace what we already know to be true and confusion seeps in and robs us of clarity. And then here comes the cousins called doubt and uncertainty that blinds the path we should take, hence we become unfocused once again.

There’s no magic pill neither does it require a twenty-step formula. Everything starts with a decision and with staying focused there’s no exception. You simply have to make a quality decision to work at being focused. It’s called determination with the desire to think and live creatively.

So how is this done? Consider these five keys that unlock good focus potential:

Key #1: Discover the Power of Vision

Your life is not a divine experiment but a project to fulfill a purpose. This gives meaning to your life. Generations need what you have. Many spend life searching for their life’s “purpose” rather than slowing down, igniting their dreams, talents and desires that can be refined in a process of discovering and fulfilling their life’s vision. Believe in your day-dreams, reconnect with your passions, see beyond your eyes and live in the unseen. That’s vision.

Key #2: Examine your Life

Get in sync with living! When you’re out of sync you’re lost. Most would rather continue their journey of being lost than stop and ask the right people for help in finding their clear path. That means you are stuck in your own wilderness with no idea of how to get out. At this point you don’t need someone with an opinion of what you should do; you need a guide and partner! You need a person who was lost and unfocused but now has broken through. You will have to muster the inner strength to reach out to them. They will ask you the right questions that will guide you to the right path. Are you willing to admit you need help? If you are serious about having a guide in your life, let’s talk about us working together: [email protected]

Key #3: Challenge the Confusion

Confusion is the change of mental status in which a person is not able to think with his or her usual level of clarity. Confusion is often the result of the decisions you have made. Every decision carries you to one of two paths – confusion or clarity. Here’s the question, Will this decision feed my confusion or strengthen my clarity? Your decision creates a focused or scatterbrain journey.

Key #4: Recognize Your Obligation Required to Achieve Your Dream

People write goals all the time. People make plans. But writing goals and making plans have no guarantee your dreams will be achieved. It takes focus. Are you willing to recognize your obligation that’s required to achieve your dream? Stir up your gift! Your gift will make room for you and bring you before great people.

Key #5: Don’t Wander Off!

God has placed within you a vision that is designed to give purpose and meaning not only to your life, but to others.  Many people are busy doing so much, expending time and energy but getting little of value accomplished. I call them a Jack of all trades and (you finish the sentence)! With every tendency to wander off, look fear in the eye of your mirror and say, “Oh, no, not this time!

Live it!

360 Interior Assessment:  Every time you desire to take a detour, you create a new direction for your life. Stop wasting life. What will you have accomplished when you’re forty, sixty, eighty?

  • your life is your design
  • your vision is your blueprint
  • your focus is your construction site

360 Interior in Action:  I want you to think of the most pressing desire you have and as a bull-dog with a bone:

  • hold onto it
  • work at it daily
  • watch how quickly you will finish it

Build laser focus from the passion and desires in your heart. I guarantee you won’t have any more time for excuses.


About the author: Dr. Deana Murphy is a servant to humanity, regarded as America’s 1st Interior Living Doctor and the expert on interior life design. An international recognized award winning author of Designing for the King: From Chaos to Order by Designing Within, she has taken her 25+ year career on a path as a high-energy speaker, spiritual and vision consultant and entrepreneur, addressing the similarities of designing tangible and intangible spaces.

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  1. Dear Dr. Deana Murphy,excellent article on focus, however, igniting your passion, dreams etc, is okay, it can't be replaced with purpose,those things are pointers though. It doesn't take a lifetime to discover purpose for anyone who's serious about it.

    I define success as the fulfilment of purpose. We would make the best impact in the area of our purpose because that is what we are shaped and designed for.

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