The #HTGAWMFinale marks the end of an era of spectacular black-led television


Peter Nowalk’s highly acclaimed TV Show, How To Get Away With Murder, drew its curtains with a gripping final episode and has successfully tapped into the emotion of many of the fans who have followed it through for six years. While fans globally have reacted and said a few things about the show finale, Twitter is buzzing with a global tweet on #HTGAWMFinale. That said, we want to talk about a few things about the show and understand what it is about this Viola Davis anchored thriller/drama that makes fans love it so much (or hate it) to go through six whole years.

For six years, Annalise Keating has been training and grooming five law students to become the best lawyers that they can be, and while her selection process was based on some background, she has had with their parents, Mrs. Keating had nothing but hopes for her students, even when they went further to backstab her in the sixth season.

The one thing that many fans will agree has kept them going is the suspense that comes with the series, this suspense is also why so many fans stopped watching the show at the fourth season where the show recorded a huge drop in fan base.

In this #HTGAWMFinale many fans are particular about the good ending the producers of the show gave to Annalise as she had been through a lot for her students, her assistants, Bonnie and Frank, and everyone who really mattered to her in the show. From the start of the second half of the #HTGAWMFinale, fans were made to believe that she probably had died a hard death, but were relieved to see that she had gone on to live to old age and finally appreciated her bisexuality.

Her owning up to her bisexuality also opened a whole new topic within the LGBTQ community as many have used that opportunity to push further on the rights for queer people to holding notable positions in the community.

The #HTGAWMFinale progressed from the snitching of her students (the ones who were alive, as two had died within the seasons) after being coerced by the FBI to testify against her, to the moments where they realised that she had been on their side all along and how she had protected them like her own child.

With the show hitting its end in this final episode, many has also pointed out that Frank and Bonnie deserved the ending that they got, as both died in the arms of Mrs. Keating after many years of loyalty to her and what she stands for.

How To Get Away With Murder has come and go, but many fans have concluded that this may just have been the best legal show yet to win the hearts of many for six years.

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