Alleged flogging: “The NLC president’s statement is irresponsible and disgusting” – Gov. Aliyu Wammako

by Isi Esene

Sokoto governor, Aliyu Wammako has described the Nigeria Labour Congress president’s demand for apology over the alleged flogging of a PHCN official as “misguided and absolutely disgusting”.

The governor and some of his aides was last month accused of flogging the PHCN business manager in charge of the governor’s hometown in Wammako Local Government Area.

The governor’s actions led to a one-week strike by PHCN workers in Sokoto State, which paralysed government and commercial activities, leading to altercations between the state government and the labour union.

The national president of the NLC, Abdulwaheed Omar, waded into the matter demanding an apology from the governor over his actions which, according to him, sends a disturbing signal to ordinary citizens who may decide to follow the governor’s example .

Omar said, “By any standards, what the governor did was not just barbaric, irresponsible but coming from a man of his political standing, it also sends a disturbing signal to ordinary citizens who may decide to follow the governor’s example by opting for jungle justice rather than follow legal and constitutional procedures.

“A governor should behave differently from a tout. A street fighter is not fit enough for any public office in a decent country.”

He reportedly went further to threaten a one-week strike if the governor refuses to acquiesce to its demand.

A statement by Wamakko’s Special Assistant on Media, Sani Umar, yesterday, read in part: “Our attention has been drawn to an unnecessary outbursts and irresponsible statement credited to the president of the NLC.

“It is unfortunate that someone holding the position of Nigeria’s number one labour leader could descend so slow as to use gutter language on the person of a governor duly elected by millions of Sokoto people.

“Sokoto people could not have made a mistake by electing Governor Wamakko on three occasions. The governor is of impeccable character and a distinguished gentleman. It is, therefore, very uncharitable for the NLC president to suggest otherwise.

“It is absolutely disgusting that a person entrusted with the leadership of Nigerian workers could decide to throw caution to the winds and be calling an elected governor names. It really shows how indecent and uncouth he is.

“Perhaps he is being deluded by an imaginary power that is illusionary. How can someone claiming of being reliably informed about something take a hasty decision and still be fit enough to lead Nigerian workers?”

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  1. Afro, my 1st question to you is "Were you there when it unfolded? How come you speak like you were in the Governor's office." Even from how you described it, anyone investigating this matter will see that there is more to it and that Governor should be checked. Lastly is it right for any civilized Governor to descend so low as to slapping and flogging Officials? Obama should be shooting officials in that case. Please…

  2. Omar was inadequatly informed.Am a corper serving in wamakko village so i know much more than NLC presi'omar'.It was never flunctuation of light that cause this fight afterall we hav not had light two weeks before the ceremony so claimed by PHCN, but the supply of 33kva step down transformer which the gov has spent so much.The gov is a complete gentleman and the people of sokoto were solidly behind every of his actions,come to sokoto and see things for yourself.Do you know that the PHCN boss returned the slap.So why will he(gov)ordered the sss to flogged them out of his office.

cool good eh love2 cute confused notgood numb disgusting fail