Anita “Omalicha” Isedeh: I just got back (30 Days, 30 Voices)

The desire to be as foreign as possible has clouded our minds so bad that most people would go to any length, to appear cool or accepted.

If you are expecting to read one of those serious type articles, well, you might want to think again. This is probably the most unorthodox article you’ll ever read.

“I just got back”. If you’ve never heard this before, well sit back and relax as I introduce the phrase. Note you have to say this with an accent, preferably American.

So, “I just got back” is a statement or phrase used when you have just returned from obobdo oyinbo a.k.a yankee, jand or like our eastern brothers and sisters will say “from the overseas”. “You see I just got back so I won’t be able to make it to your wedding, I am a bit jet lagged”.

“I just got back so my skin is still sensitive (confused face), yeah the weather is too hot “. Please note that all of this was said with locally acquired foreign accents.

The desire to be as foreign as possible has clouded our minds so bad that most people would go to any length, to appear cool or accepted. Now I am not saying that certain people haven’t naturally acquired these accents or have the ability to mimic these accents very well/ I am saying “ti o ba got eh, o got eh” Meaning- if you don’t have it then you don’t have it.

It’s bad enough that we have a lot of issues to deal with on a daily basis but then you add “forming” (used to describe a person who is fake), my dear that’s a lot o. I have wondered and asked how this happened, some say it’s too much TV, some say songs, some have actually blamed we presenters. Yes do not be surprised, we have been accused of influencing peoples accents. I don’t really know how that works but that’s a story for another day.

You see I don’t really understand the part of being influenced by TV, music, magazines e.t.c You are an adult abi? Did they glue your bum to the chair, did they force you to practice everything you see on TV or in music videos? Ehn then you might as well display your James Bond talents now, or become our own Evelyn Salt.

I think to a large extent you are responsible for what you allow influence your thinking or character. If you think that changing your accent or pretending to be something or someone else will make people accept you or love you more, I’ve got news for you dear; mba, it does not! Naturally humans don’t like deceit. You do not owe anyone anything when it comes to where you are from, your background or family. I don’t think you have to lie about your family, your tribe or anything about you to please the next person. It will not increase your bank account, the sun will not stop shining neither will bum bum disappear (don’t ask why I said that).

So my dear life is too short, live life and enjoy it as much as possible, as for me “I gotta go now, you know I just got back and this breeze is not good for my hair” (wink).


Anita “Omalicha” Isedeh  is a radio host on one of Nigeria’s foremost radio stations, Rhythm 93.7 fm Lagos. Omalicha is well known as radio’s realest and craziest female personality. As a Lagos bred Delta babe, she combines the witty Delta sense of humour and a catchy and outside the box approach to radio that has endeared her to listeners of all ages. Asides of being a radio presenter, she’s also a compere and has worked with several major brands in the entertainment and corporate world.


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