Arewa Twitter is trending and there’s a huge note to be taken

Arewa Twitter

One of the things that Nigeria Twitter is very popular for is the random banter and persistent dragging across tribes and while it never goes beyond what it is, these random ‘bants and dragging’ somehow has an impact on how some tribes perceive other tribes.

Arewa Twitter is trending and one of the things that could come to mind is either there is another tribal war or just some Arewa Twitter users expressing how they are the best among other tribes. In this trend, there is no tribal war, however, there is an exploration of Arewa Twitter, Nigerians from the ‘North side’ and the perceived wealth that looms in the region.

Following several viral photos that show luxurious lifestyles and expensive items, many Nigerians on Twitter have reacted to the photos which proceeded from Arewa Twitter. While this trend has birthed many other topics on Twitter, Nigerians, Igbos and Yorubas alike have expressed what the photos meant to them and how their perception of the north is.

But of course, Arewa Twitter can not be trending without a few comparisons with other tribes and states. Some Twitter users were of the opinion that there are quite a number of very wealthy people from other tribes and places in Nigeria who are mostly silent about their wealth. While it seems like Northerners aren’t mostly about showing off their wealth, whenever they do, there is always the question of how wealthy the northerners are.

Another side to this trend is the political part where many Nigerians on Twitter pointed out that with all the wealth flowing in the North, it is, however, an eyesore what the north represents in Nigeria. Raising the case of Almajiris in the north, many Twitter users pointed out that all that wealth should be channeled at helping the poor and those in need. Some were also of the opinion that Arewa Twitter really has nothing to offer on the timeline if not to flaunt their inherited generational wealth.

It is perceived that the northerners are the richest and also the poorest in Nigeria. There are however, no facts to back these claims as there are both rich and poor people in every part of the country. These Twitter bants, many have come to agree, are mostly for fun, however, they do have a huge impact on the way many people react to situations and the way people think about other tribes that are not theirs.


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