“Creative and personal differences” – Don Jazzy and D’Banj allegedly split

by Lekan Olanrewaju

In an article published Monday by the Daily Times, it is being reported that popular collaborators Don Jazzy and D’Banj are on the verge of parting ways due to “creative and personal differences”. Don Jazzy is said to have moved out of the mansion they once shared at Lekki and refuses to work with D’Banj , because he is fed up with his “lifestyle, tantrums, and unmanageable ego”.
The pair are also reported to have disagreed over the much publicised G.O.O.D music deal which they signed last year. This is allegedly due to the fact that the deal favours Don Jazzy more, a development which did not sit too well with D’Banj.

Mo’Hits pair D’Banj and Don Jazzy are on the brink of splitting up due to creative and personal differences. A source close to both parties has revealed that the relationship between the two is now so fractured that Don Jazzy has since moved out of the mansion they once shared in Lekki Phase 1, Lagos.

Don Jazzy, according to the source, has become so frustrated with D’banj’s lifestyle, tantrums and unmanageable ego that he refuses to work with him. D’Banj, for his part, feels Don Jazzy is spending more time honing the careers of the Mo Hits fledglings such as D’Prince and Dr. Sid. He has also accused Don Jazzy of delaying his album release by giving “excuse after excuse.”

“D’Banj has an album due this year,” the source said. “He wants Don Jazzy to spend all his time working on his own album. Can you believe that Don Jazzy spent only two days working on Wande’s new singles?”

The source added that D’banj has also made several disparaging remarks about some of the Mo’Hits crew who he calls “backup singers.” He has also made several less than complimentary comments about Don Jazzy who he accused of going around in “pyjamas and t-shirts.”

Bad blood, GOOD Music

Although tensions have simmered between the once inseperable maestros for about two years, things went quickly downhill last year following the deal signed with G.O.O.D music, Kanye West’s record label. An investigation revealed that the terms of the agreement are far more in favour of the producer, Don Jazzy, a realization which has irked the artist. The source confirmed the disparity in the deal’s structure and revealed that D’Banj’s involvement is peripheral which has led to major problems between the two. The deal also involves a financial commitment of up to $3M, which Mo’Hits has not yet fully made up.

“When we all celebrated the deal last year, little did we know that it was really Don Jazzy that was being signed up,” the source said. “While Don Jazzy has already produced a track for G.O.O.D Music, D’Banj is just waiting around idly.”

Cracks in the duo’s relationship became apparent last year when both of them arrived and sat separately to several awards ceremonies. In the past, the two had always shown a very unified stance in public.

Daily Times of Nigeria

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  1. I'll not judge cos I wasn't there when this whole deal was done, but what I'm sure of, with reference to hsiroty, is that D'banj is kicking towards the end of his career, he will loose fans and the only producer that really understands his kinda music .hehe! Crazy world

  2. I kno it,YORUBA pips?checkout de story,during civilwar.I knew YORUBA 'll always couny.open ur eyes Mr don,it's neva late.

  3. Such is expected for I saw this comin a long time ago…. They r both made,if the news of there attempted seperation is true,then it gives both room to display their individuality…

  4. As our colours ,sizes and shapes differs so as our mode of thinking differs.Am not surprise to hear this because no condition is mearnt to stay forever except changes as we all know.So if they should split is never a big deal that we all should be chanting for.

  5. U dont expect it wil always be for their friendship.friends n biz patners usually have differences but i believe they'r stil a good pair no matter what diffence…emeka obefe

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  7. Illumi Wht? Mr Julius pls ____ D'banj better wake up. If he shld split with don jazzy that's bye bye to his career. Whts his business with don jazzy's pyjamas?

    1. Abeg,shut that ur mouth.Is Don Jazzy indispensible?Why are some of u so myopic in ur views?Who told u D"banj equally doesn"t help Don Jazzy?Can Don Jazzy entertain to save his life?Can he sing to save his life?Hell NO!!!They are two different individuals with differing excellent talents.By the way,who told u MUSIC is the only thing that sells D"banj?U are definitely short sighted!Hisssss

  8. so sad!!rili wanted d duo 2 last long cos dey're just pefect 2geda!Wat's d connection btw dis and Illuminati?????Nigerians av started again o! humans can have issues soo stop bein bias!wat's ur proof sef!I ope it's just a rumour!

  9. Illuminati is @ work… That] what u get when u dine with the devil… CONFUSION!

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