#DanaCrash: Pastor predicted the plane crash two weeks ago, we fasted but my wife and kid still died’

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I really feel sad for the death of my wife and my daughter. She is a very smart girl and would have been 11 years old in September; she is the only child I have. You can imagine how devastated I am; well, I leave everything to God.

How did you receive the news of your wife and daughter’s death?

I dropped them at the Airport by 12.30pm and then left. Then around 2.15pm, my wife called that they had boarded and I said ‘Okay, safe trip’. I then came back home and decided to take a short nap (sleep) before the commencement of the Nigeria/Namibia football match. Then, as I was sleeping, my phone rang, it was my friend from CBN. He asked me, “Are you in town?” I said Yes and he said, “Thank God, There is a plane crash involving DANA Air.” I asked from where? He said Abuja to Lagos. I told him that my wife and daughter are on that flight. I immediately took off to the airport. When we got to the airport, we couldn’t get any information because everybody was confused and many of the officials were crying. After spending some hours, we started monitoring it on the television.

What took your wife and daughter to Lagos?

My wife works with the Nigerian Shippers Council as a Deputy Director. She is based in Lagos with my daughter while I am here in Abuja. Usually, once in a while they come to Abuja for the weekend but this time around my daughter had an entrance examination on Saturday June 2, at African International School. My wife had official assignment on Friday, so they came on Thursday night. After these assignments, they decided to go back on Sunday.

How will you describe your wife and how long have you been married?

She was a very lovable wife and since we married in 1998, we have never had any quarrel. God is my witness. I repeat…I never had any quarrel with that lady. She is very respectful and highly religious. She is a great inspiration to the family. Anybody that comes across her will testify to it. I really feel sad for the death of my wife and my daughter. She is a very smart girl and would have been 11 years old in September; she is the only child I have. You can imagine how devastated I am; well, I leave everything to God.

Did you have a premonition of this disaster?

Yes! Just two weeks ago, a man of God told us as a family that he saw plane crash and asked whether I would be travelling soon in June. I said ‘No’; he said crash is hovering around the family and suggested that we should go on three days fasting which we did between May 29, 30 and 31 to avert the disaster; at the end of the day God knows what happened.

Source: The Punch.

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  1. "In tears" I have a daughter and a lovely wife like u and I can't just imagine…The seed of this accident and many more are being sown daily.We need to change our ways as a people. Leadership is from d people and unfortunate we are a rotten,perverted generation, contaminated by older generations and those before them.We however have a chance to stop the trend, but salvaging the minds and character of our children.Teaching them what is right and insisting on things being done the right way. Ultimately we need to change our own ways for then can we teach our children. If everyone works towards changing their ways, especially where our commonwealth is concerned, then a leader from that pool of right thinking people will ensure things are done right.By leader, not necessary the president, but the guy in that local government that will approve d rehabilitation of that street or the enforce town planning blueprint etc…- I weep for my country and what my fate is…I weep for myself…I shudder at the many seeds of mishaps that has been sown…what are my chances…Be strong my brother,God will heal the hurt and give you strength to carry on.

  2. If there is any way to prevent this black sunday death again in this country, is by federal government considering lives as an important thing above all. Aviation ministry accept any kind of aviation company to operate in our country without accessing their services. And the technical and mechanical precision of every plane. The Federal Executive arm of should Government should not decieve us with their deceit tears. Because they appoint a minister of aviation that does'nt care about the job. Any faulty plane can still operate here without problem as long the company pay their tax. Is only God will protect and provide for us.

  3. this is incredibly sad. am weeping just imagining this man's pains.

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