Dear Nse: Rape took her away from me

maybe instead we would have been watching a movie starring you on the day she was raped. Or maybe if we were friends she would’ve talked to me about her depression afterwards. Maybe I could have convinced her that suicide wasn’t the way to go.

Dear Nse,

She is gone. The quiet, plump girl with stocky legs who lived adjacent to my house. Not like I knew her personally. No, she came off mysterious and standoffish. Yet anytime I spotted her crossing the road to patronise the mallam guarding the main gate, I was compelled to watch. You see she had a cockney accent having lived in England for most of her life and the poor mallam almost never understood a word she said. After a very hilarious exchange she would eventually have to point at the item she wanted. Money would then exchange hands. I had grown fond of her visits to the mallam, maybe that is why I was upset when I heard she was dead. Things got even worse when I was filled in on the circumstances surrounding her death. A few weeks before she committed suicide, she was raped by four men. I was a few houses away, yet I didn’t hear her screams or cry for help. I could not help the mysterious girl whom I had never said a word to.


Did I even say hello or how do you do? I’m so sorry Nse, do forgive my rudeness. Its just that over this past week her death is all I’ve had on my mind. People made fun of her aloofness but now that I know her background I can understand why mystery girl kept to herself. Her mum was never home. She was more engrossed in running her business or socializing. Mystery girl went about her daily life without proper parental guidance or attention.

The rumour mill says that she was a virgin, to think that four men brutally took that away from her. After the rape, her mother had her flown to South Africa for psychiatric evaluation and treatment. What good that did! Her suicide even after her supposed psych treatment further strengthened my belief that psychiatrists are not needed. I attended a psych session once, but his words of persuasion, compulsion and compassion did me no long-term good. The only times I have witnessed psychiatrists yield effective results was on TV. Case in point is a series called Private Practice where the in house psychiatrist, Violet Turner performs psychiatric miracles on her patients. I personally feel that once you can sort through your thoughts and pacify the mind, it is a great step towards healing. As opposed to employing the services of another person who is dealing with their own problems. I could be wrong here but until proven otherwise…

These days when I walk down my street my eyes wander to mystery girl’s gate. I wish I had just once said hello. Who knows, maybe instead we would have been watching a movie starring you on the day she was raped. Or maybe if we were friends she would’ve talked to me about her depression afterwards. Maybe I could have convinced her that suicide wasn’t the way to go.

Mum and I went to hers to pay a condolence visit and we were seated across from her mother. I don’t mean to judge but she didn’t look as grief-stricken as I expected. I guess people deal differently but Nse, there were no tears. She put up a tight lipped smile for the benefit of the mourners who looked more hurt than the woman who had just lost her only daughter. I think I’m angry at her mother who could have spent more time at home as opposed to keeping up appearances, signing registers at parties and chasing ‘paper’.

I feel like a load has been lifted off my chest. That saying a problem shared is a problem half solved might be true. I hope mystery girl did say her last prayers and I pray God has accepted her soul. Pastor Jaye said this on Sunday “Those times you feel no one loves you, remember God loves you and that is the only motivation you need to keep going.”

P.s. I hear you and the other actors have started rehearsals in a movie production. True? To say I’m excited is putting it midly! I know you’ll shine in this new role as usual! It might seem weird that I have all this faith in you but I’m a STAN for you…this comes with the title. Write me soon and please, do tell of all the happenings in your life. Remember, I remain your most devoted fan. Well there’s Pinky, Idongesit and Sally who are equally as devoted but I don’t mind sharing the title with them.

One more thing, Pastor Chris Okotie divorced his wife and there is so much fuss about it. Why are people so concerned?

*Insert confused face emoticon*

Love always,

By Tayo Adelekan


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