Egypt’s military puts deposed president Morsi under ‘house arrest’

by Rachel Ogbu

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Unseated President of Egypt, Mohamed Morsy is now under house arrest and some of his supporters were detained by Egyptian military on Wednesday night, reports say.

According to Egypt’s top military officer, Gen. Abdel-Fatah El-Sisi, the detained president “did not achieve the goals of the people” and failed to meet the generals’ demands that he share power with his opposition but Morsy has insisted that he remains the country’s legitimate leader.

Addressing the country via a TV broadcast, El-Sisi announced that the head of the Egypt’s Supreme Constitutional Court, Adly Mansour will replace Morsy as interim president.

El-Sisi added that the country’s constitution has been suspended, and Mansour will “establish a government that is a strong and diverse.”

“New parliamentary elections will be held, and Mansour will have the power to issue constitutional declarations in the meantime,” he said.

As at yesterday, at least eight people were killed and more than 340 wounded in sporadic violence that broke out between Morsy’s supporters, the opposition and the military.

El-Sisi amid criticism that a coup had occurred, maintained that the military was fulfilling its “historic responsibility” to protect the country by ousting Morsy, a Western-educated Islamist elected a year ago.

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CNN reports:

Muslim Brotherhood spokesman Gehad El-Haddad told CNN the deposed president was under “house arrest” at the presidential Republican Guard headquarters in Cairo. He said some members of Morsy’s inner circle have also put under house arrest.

Morsy remained defiant and insisted he was Egypt’s proper president.

“The world is looking at us today,” he said in a taped statement delivered to the Arabic satellite network Al Jazeera. “We by ourselves can bypass the obstacles. We, the sons of Egypt, the sons of this country — this is the will of the people and cannot be canceled.”


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