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Fisayo Longe

Each week here at YNaija, we round up the best Nigerian writing on the internet, highlighting the stories, profiles, interviews and in-depth reporting that rise above the daily churn.

Here are the ones that caught our attention:


Gutter Juice… The dangerous teen addiction – Olatunji Ololade

Gutter Juice gained prominence in the wake of hip hop artiste, Olamide’s track, Science Students. While the song got banned by regulatory authorities for glorifying drug use, and was widely condemned in conservative social circuits, it enjoyed airplay among the youth, teenagers in particular, who embraced it for its creative depiction and veneration of their addiction.

How the Nigerian Designer behind ‘Kai Collective’ made 2020 the year of the Gaia dress – Vincent Desmond

The brand’s attainable luxury aesthetic has made it a hit amongst many, especially young Black women, but it is the distinct designs of the dresses that truly set it apart from other brands. The brand has several designs that are known by their names because of how distinct they are. But Kai Collective’s most famous piece is the Gaia dress, a sheer colorful print dress which has been dubbed the print as well as item of the year by many.

Interview: Niyi Okeowo is capturing Africa’s future in photography & design – Emmanuel Esomnofu

The relevance of art direction is in the experience. Making sure that as much as you’re dealing with sub visual elements within a project, it all comes together as one at the end of the day, because it’s the final product people are going to see. Also, in terms of music, even as you’re done with the album and other things, when they’re shooting a music video the font from the album has to carry on. So when people see the video, they’ll be like “OK, this one’s from this particular project.”

How African Feminism and Afropolitanism shaped the cultural agenda of the decade and how they might influence the next one – Minna Salami

Through the 2010s, Afropolitanism catalyzed critical discussions to do with Africa and diaspora heritage, belonging, the arts, capitalism, elitism, and globalization at museums, conferences and exhibitions. It framed commercial magazines and academic books alike and outlined passionate debate both online and offline. African feminism too influenced cultural life in undeniable ways.

Why the energy behind Davido’s “FEM” seems so familiar – Dennis Ade Peter

No matter how cynical you are, it is impossible to deny that Davido has been extremely hardworking and prolific on his way to becoming a perennial Afropop superstar and global brand. Even with only two albums separated by a 7-year gap under his belt, he’s held the African audience spellbound with an unrelenting run of hits, while making in-roads as one of the most important players in exporting African music to the world. With all of these items on his credentials, Davido shouldn’t have anything to prove or censor calling himself one of the greatest, however, there are still naysayers who feel he’s undeserving of that pedestal—or at least dictating who’s on the pedestal with him.

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