“I trust Nigeria with all my heart” – Nigerians struggle to recite the national pledge (WATCH)

by Rachel Ogbu


Battabox headed out onto the streets of Lagos to ask Nigerians if they know their national pledge – and you may be surprised by the answers and recitals!

“We are looking for that patriotic Nigerian,” says Battabox presenter, Kayode. The full pledge is below:

I pledge to Nigeria my country,
To be faithful, loyal and honest,
To serve Nigeria with all my strength,
To defend her unity,
And uphold her honour and glory,
So help me God.

According to Battabox reports, many people interviewed laughed and were embarrassed but also defended themselves by explaining the ‘hustle’ of Nigeria is too much to remember such things.

“This country, if people say they are patriots – the government of this country -there is nothing to write home about. See I am trekking home now, there will be hold up if I have a car, so I now bought a bike and this man says I cannot ride a bike… and even all the graduates looking for jobs.”

Watch the video here:

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