Inspired! How to be like the first water melon

by ‘SeunSALAMI

I love fruits.

That’s why I was disappointed, to say the least, when I read in TIME Magazine, that Chinese farmers lost approximately 115 acres of watermelon fields when the fruits exploded due to a growth chemical.

But this is not about China or the farmers. It is about two water melons that I bought sometime ago. No, they didn’t explode.

The woman who sold me the first water melon seemed to know something I didn’t. For three days, more like three nights, she insisted on selling her water melon for 700 bucks! One water melon! I couldn’t understand it.

Each of the three nights, I parked beside her and pointed at the fruit, she simply yelled, “Seven hundred,” without even getting up from her seat. I drove off.

On the final night, I decided in my heart, armed with some extra cash, that I was going to show this woman that I could buy her water melon after all. So, when I parked, she repeated the routine, but this time, I yelled back, “Bring it! You wouldn’t even get up to answer somebody sef.” Money really talks doesn’t it?

As I drove off, with the fruit on my passenger’s seat, I noticed another woman selling fruits, so I parked. “Water melon, how much?” It turns out that this woman’s water melon, the same size with the previous one, sold for just 200 bucks!

I had been duped! Or so I thought.

I was anxious to get home and slice the fruits. Almost as anxious as I get whenever I have to drive across the railway line, in traffic.

As I cut open the two fruits; the difference was clear, in my face and soon, in my mouth.

The first fruit gave me joy like a river. I’ve never had water melon taste so good, just like pure juice. I hated the fact that it had to finish.

The second fruit? Well, I couldn’t take more than the first bite.

And so, the wisdom goes; it is extremely important to price yourself right and insist on it. But please, like the first water melon, make sure you deliver, every time.

Nothing convinces like performance.

It’s not enough to be well ‘packaged’ alone; when people experience you, they must be convinced.

If I tell anybody that I’m a world-class writer, which I believe I am, all they need to do is read up any of my articles and they’ll come up with a conclusion. Their conclusion.

Emphasis on ANY. It doesn’t have to be my best effort, but any of my efforts. That’s why every attempt I make must be my best. MUST.

You usually don’t get a second chance to make…oh, you already know? Ehn, so, give every effort your best shot then; because you never know, it could turn out to be THE shot.

Stay Inspired!


‘Seun Salami is a writer, an author and editor. He became a back page columnist for National Standard News Magazine and also published his first book before his 21st birthday. His articles have also appeared in The PUNCH, The SUN and several other mediums.

Armed with a BSc in Journalism and currently studying for an MSc, Oluwaseun believes he can write to save his life, if need be. You can follow him on twitter @seunsalami.

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  1. My dear friend, Basketmouth. You may want to read the article again before telling us how nice it is.

    And while you are at it, notice his(?) twitter handle in the last sentence.

  2. Nice one man.

    really, a good way to pass a message.

    whats ur handle on twitter?

  3. I truly enjoyed dis…nice work!

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