Nigerians react to lady who does not want to have kids for ‘selfish reasons’

One day, pseudo-woke people are asking people to make their own choices, the following day, they are telling people not to make certain choices. In today’s episode of ‘mind your business’, Nigerians are calling a Twitter user – let us call her Chigozie – for posting that she just does not want to have kids.

In a series of tweets which starts with saying it is for selfish reasons, Chigozie explains why she would not want to bring a child into this world to suffer, and she is just “being honest about it too.”

Me wey never see life finish/haven’t finished taking care of myself I now want to bring someone else into it?


She goes on to say that unless she is totally ready for the experience, she is not going to consider producing offspring.

Chigozie ends the series of tweets with a call to people to stop bringing children into this world to suffer too.

Her tweets:

“It’s def okay to not want kids for selfish reasons. I feel no guilt saying I dont want kids cause I want to enjoy my life & spend my money on myself plus I don’t want to bring anyone to this world to suffer & yep I am a better/even the best person for being honest about it too.

“Me wey never see life finish/haven’t finished taking care of myself I now want to bring someone else into it? Unless there was no way to get that child out of me like maybe I found out too late e no dey happen till I’m extremely sure & ready financially, mentally, emotionally etc.

“Angers me that people just have/ want to have kids just because, no plan for care for them or thought really put into it or anything, just purposely bringing more lives to the world to suffer.

“Selfish in quote btw & in this case a very good thing.”

You would think that experts thought the population is increasing at an alarming rate and, with corruption and irresponsible leadership, population control should be top of the list in conversations. But that is not the case.

In the comments, under Chigozie’s tweets, Nigerians are citing the Bible, irresponsible choice, and repaying your parents as some of the reasons ‘she must give birth too’. There is also comment asking Chigozie to consider that bringing children into the world is a societal obligation.

See some comments below:

The conversation about choices will never end because others could see black while you white. However, there is the word ‘compromise’ that gives peace an opportunity to thrive.

Interestingly, Chigozie may change her mind later, but at this point, she does not see the reason to bring children into a life where she is not comfortable with herself yet.

And that is HER choice. If you wanted to make her change her decision, you could understand her standpoint first and help her in all the ways she may need help.

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