No one listens to me! – TB Joshua laments that he foretold the tragic deaths of Yakowa, Azazi (WATCH)

Prophet T.B. Joshua, not one to stay on the side-lines allegedly claimed to have foreseen the death of Kaduna State governor, Patrick Yakowa who died in a helicopter accident with former National Security Adviser, Andrew Owoye Azazi, and four others.

On Sunday December 16, 2012, Joshua spoke to a live audience on Emmanuel TV, he explained how God showed him the incident, which he conveyed in a message to the nation after series of prophetic revelations that started in January 2011. The prophetic message has since been uploaded to Joshua’s official YouTube channel and posted on his Facebook account to over 500,000 fans.

“I see the blood of personalities flowing,” Joshua said on Sunday January 2, 2011. “This is a government personality. They should not enter the same plane and say they are flying from one state to another for any reason in this country. There is danger. This is a plane crash.”

On July 15, 20112, he added further insight to the revelation, saying, “Those people who matter in society, they should not go inside the plane, together in one plane because I see satan wants to destroy these people who matter in society…” Joshua specified that six individuals would be involved. “They begin to mention one, two, three, four, five, six people who matter in society, high profile. The enemy is looking for a time when they will enter a plane together and be on the air.”

On September 23, 2012, Joshua sent one of his ‘Wise Men’ to deliver a message, stating that he had seen the flag of Nigeria being lowered, calling on Nigerians to join in prayer to avert the tragedy that would result in this. Then, on October 27th 2012, Joshua himself specified further about the incident that would cause the lowering of Nigeria’s flag, stating that he saw a governor flying with his aide. He said, “Everyone should come together on their knees and pray for the nation. Where will these people go, you, Governor, and you put yourself inside a plane and go together with your aide? Where are they going? They should not put themselves inside the same plane, aircraft and go. I’m seeing this thing is very close.”

After the tragic helicopter crash on Saturday December 15 that saw the death of 6 Nigerians, many online observers that followed Joshua’s ministry stated that they remembered his prediction when it was spoken on Emmanuel TV, lamenting that the government officials had not taken it seriously.

After playing back the clips of the prophetic revelations, Joshua spoke to the congregation, stating that he even went to the extent of reaching out to Nigerian President Goodluck Jonathan to warn him of the impending disaster. He stated that the nation should have entered a period of national fasting for the tragedy to be averted but that people were not taking the prophetic messages seriously.

He then explained how the prophetic gift of God in his life was a tool that was supposed to be utilised and valued rather than neglected. He reminded congregants how this prophetic gift started from the onset of his ministry, specifying an occasion where he personally met the late Chief MKO Abiola during his election campaign and bluntly told him that he did not see him on the throne, despite his popularity and overwhelming support at that period. Joshua said as he was leaving, Abiola sent a large sum of money to him which he refused to take, maintaining that his gift was from God who was more than able to supply his needs.

Joshua has thus called on those in power to publicly call on all those who claimed to have prophetic powers to submit their revelations for the upcoming year to those in authority, as a test of legitimacy. Joshua called on US President Barack Obama to spearhead this arrangement, stating that as government leaders had advisors in every field of life, they also needed spiritual advisors to tell them what the future holds, something impossible to achieve with mere ‘brain power’.

It was also revealed in the service that the tragic massacre of school children in Connecticut, USA was also seen by Joshua. After the movie-theatre shooting in Colorado, he stated on Sunday August 6 that the wave of gun-related massacres would continue to increase, stressing that America needed to pray for their ‘homeland security’.

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  1. I don't believe in wateva he says coz no one knws anything about destiny apart frm God……as such wat joshua is doing na "waSh"





  3. Tb joshua truly speaks the mind of God,he remains de greatest prophet ever had in nigeria.he. Needs our support pls speak and keep praying for our country, u are a humble man of God and ur simplicity makes me say u are from God

  4. of a truth it is writen dat on dat last day dey we pay a def ear to d truth,am nt suprise dat dey dont listen bt may God have mercy on us all and shower his grace also,SIR PLS DONT STOP GIVEN D MESSAGE AND D TRUTH.

  5. Jonathan went to redeem, to thank them for praying for him. Go and watch the video clip.

    Again, Jonathan must not listen to Joshua if he doesn't believe his prophecies.

    As a christian, Jonathan may also be gifted with prophecy.

    Why didn't Joshua prophesy that he will be the president when he was the governor ?

    Please spare Jonathan and pray for him.

  6. Our God lived, and he will continue to reveal many revelation to you TB JOSHUA.

  7. Our God lived, and he will continue to reveal many revelation to you TB JOSHUA.

  8. *sigh* am kind os shocked that he reached out for president jonathan? And I believe he looked down on him thinking TB joshua might have come to ask him for attention! Life!!!!! So one begins to plunder why did he go to Redeem for prayers?if he's literally this stuborn. May the good lord have mercy no nigeria.

cool good eh love2 cute confused notgood numb disgusting fail