Nollywood Movies to Expect This December

Breath of Life

This December, Nollywood brings in all the presents for families, friends, and lovers who wish to share the joy of celebrating Nollywood.

December is a month that keeps giving, a month of joy, love, presents and appreciation and with that in mind, Nigerian film entertainment has decided to continue in the spirit of giving by releasing several movies and series this month.

At YNaija, we have made a list of movies and shows which will be released this December.

  1. Afamefuna (Dec. 1)

Afamefuna takes a notable dive into the world of the Igbo culture. It tells of the Igbo apprenticeship system and how successful men pass down their knowledge to the apprentices, circulating the source of wealth within themselves, their culture and community.

  1. Double Dekoi (Dec. 1)

A woman takes charge in Double Dekoi as she infiltrates a criminal organisation to prove her brother’s innocence after he is accused of being a murderer. She is forced to play dirty to achieve this goal. 

  1. Wura s2 (Dec. 5)

Wura returns with a second season as it continues to spotlight the life of a family deeply involved in the gold-mining business. Everyone has secrets and desires, and in season 2 of Wura, the cast reveals a bit more of themselves.

  1. Banking on Love (Dec. 7)

Banking on Love is a show which aims to match single individuals from diverse aspects of life. The show works around pairing these people together and helps spread love in the most exciting and engaging ways possible.

  1. No Way Through (Dec. 8)

This December, No Way Through, a crime drama, shows how to provide for one’s family despite the risks and consequences attached to whatever means are taken to achieve these goals.

  1. Blood Vessel (Dec. 8)

Six people find themselves together on a ship after escaping a town crippled with oil pollution. They all soon find out that life is not as it seems, and there are challenges out in the real world waiting to test their strength, courage and determination to succeed.

  1. Osato (Dec. 8)

Osato has big dreams, but achieving these dreams may not be the simplest thing in life. She soon realises this as a street girl who faces the unexpected as she is caught in a world of danger and crime.

  1. Drink (Dec. 8)

Drink focuses on the lives of a newly married couple and life after their wedding day.

  1. Slum King series finale (Dec. 10)

The series finale of the gripping, suspense and action-packed drama will be released on December 10.

  1. Agu (Dec. 14)

Agu brings drama to life as a legal practitioner struggles to revive his failing career, which he drowns at the bottom of a bottle of alcohol. His life is turned around when he has to represent his friend in court for a crime of alleged murder.

  1. Breath of Life (Dec. 15)

Breath of Life showcases a religious man who becomes desolate after losing all that he once held dear in life. He goes on a journey of spirituality and fairy as he begins questioning the importance of life and his existence.

  1. A Tribe Called Judah (Dec. 15)

A Tribe Called Judah depicts love and loyalty among the family as a group of men are left with no choice but to rob a mall to save the life of their mother.

  1. Ada Omo Daddy (Dec. 16)

Ada Omo Daddy is a family drama which exploits the life of its cast in a unique and exciting setting.

  1. Ogeere (Dec. 22)

Love knows no bounds as it overcomes obstacles in Ogeere. The film plays in the romance genre, bringing valuable lessons to the big screen. 

  1. Malaika (Dec. 22)

Malaika tells the story of a woman struggling with infertility and uncontrollable emotions. Despite the love and warmth around her, she embarks on a journey to find peace within herself.

  1. This is Lagos (Dec. 25)

This is Lagos accurately captures the life of Stevo, a man with determination and a burning hunger for fame and fortune in a city where not everyone is your friend.

  1. W.A.R: Wrath & Revenge Series (Dec. 28)

W.A.R: Wrath & Revenge is a spin-off of the famous Sons of the Caliphate. W.A.R. focuses on Nuhu Bala on his journey to becoming the governor of Kowa. His success is owed to none other than his wife, who secretly fights his battles for him, ensuring that his rise to the top is guaranteed.

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