Open letter to Senator Mustapha Sani Muhammed representing Niger south senatorial district

by Mu’awiyah Yusuf Muye

Distinguished Senator,

I will probably have my head on a spike by the time our people are done reading my letter to you because of the fact that I addressed you as a distinguished Senator.

The fact is, you have failed woefully to even pretend to Niger south people that you are truly a distinguished senator. Therefore, this courtesy is for the office you occupy, to address you and treat you with respect for now. Since I and thousand others campaigned and voted wholeheartedly for you, we are, to some extent, partly responsible for your abysmal representation of us at the upper chamber of National Assembly so we are equally guilty of your incompetence.

It is safe to say that 90% of the people you claim to represent in the Senate never had an inkling who you really are, they didn’t before the election and they still don’t, two years into your four years mandate. It’s a shame really, it’s probably because you are not a politician, but I’m really sure, people of Niger south do not care if you are one or not. In fact, I think they will appreciate you more if you don’t display the traits of our average politicians in relating with them, at least a lot of people I know are that way, just represent them in the best possible way.

I don’t know if this letter is coming a little too late, it’s been two years you got elected as the Senator representing the good people of Niger South Senatorial district, even though you were enmeshed in court battle with your opponent in the primaries so you had impediments on the road to being confirmed as the substantive winner of the election unlike your colleagues, never the less, your score card so far has been an F+. It means, you have failed woefully in every aspect of representation as a senator and that’s me being honest with you because I want you to succeed as your party man and constituent who your actions directly affects a great deal.

First and foremost, what are the things that make a good senator?

The primary reason you were elected to the senate is to represent your people and help make laws that are favourable to them as a people, to take their plights and present them at the National level, make and pass bills to support them in order to ease life for your people, that’s if you believe they are your people.

Constituency Project to me is only a secondary duty, which as far as I’m concerned is illegal and not in our constitution and even if it is, i believe it should be scrapped because its an unnecessary distraction from the main objective of your legislative duty and only paves ways for most of you lawmakers to illegally siphon public funds with little accountability for it. If you have been excellent at the former, I doubt Your people will even care about the latter, but even in that aspect, you have performed below average.

Mr Senator, it is safe to say, you are disconnected from the very people you ought to be connected to, you never even try to connect with them, your actions so far with due respect Mr senator, have been similar to that of a spoilt child, I mean, we were all to some extent, spoilt by our parents at a stage in our lives, but once a child grows up not appreciating life and handling what was given to them on a platter of gold fittingly, then they become spoilt brats.

You never worked hard for your victory, it was handed to you on a platter of silver, thanks to APC SAK and The Popularity and acceptance of President Buhari. even though I have no regrets about that whatsoever, only a lot of lessons learnt, I am beginning to question and even believe your predecessor, Zainab Kure, as bad as she was, was actually doing excellently well compared to your two years in office so far.

What I believe you have failed to understand is, there will neither be SAK for you in 2019 nor will we be fooled by voting you people because of PMB’s influence, winning the election for the second time will be based on merits, infact, a lot of people I have spoken to are just waiting for 2019 election to show you the door out, except if you don’t care, and trust me, even if you don’t care about going back for the second time, you should care about leaving a sound legacy, because depends on what kind of legacy you leave behind, posterity will never be kind to you if you leave a negative legacy behind and vice versa.

The 8th Senate and its leadership in which I am aware, you have been strongly behind their activities have proven to be anti people through their actions thus far, refer to my earlier write up about that

The Senate: Nigeria’s Number One Enemy – Mu’awiyyah Yusuf Muye

The fact of the matter is, Niger South People, myself, in particular, didn’t vote for you to go and be anybody’s Yes Man in the senate, we voted you to go and represent us and fight for our rights no matter whose ore is gored.

We voted you to CHANGE the status Quo of the senate, to help in shaping the future of our country, to usher in a new era in our national life, to help President Buhari in easy passage of policies that will make lives better for the ordinary folks and equally checkmate his excesses, instead, it’s been a struggle to maintain the status quo, to empower the corrupt elites and even worsen the situation, all you have done is help trample on your constituents, help in blocking bills that will set the stage for them to enjoy the dividends of change they voted for.

Mr Senator, You are answerable to us, not us to you, you are there as a representative of our collective voice and you are obligated to speak our minds, unlike in the past, we have now realised the strength in our collective will, we have realised the power in our votes and how to protect them.

Electorates are now enlightened, as difficult and alien that recalling a lawmaker might seem in Nigeria, we have actually started mulling over the idea, and trust me, you don’t want to push us into starting the process.

Niger state people have never been benchwarmers in whatever we do, we have never been the ones to take a back seat in national issues, but our current set of lawmakers have been some of the worse since the return of democracy in 1999, it had been a great source of worry for those of us that are keenly watching the happenings in National Assembly, we have seen how the senate as an institution is being ridiculed without any opposition from our representatives, every Nigerian is in the senate through their senators, but it is crystal clear, 95% of you are there to represent yourselves and your selfish agenda and that of same elites that have refused to let us grow as a country.

As a senator, you ought to consult with your constituents every once in a while to know where they stand as a people, on things bothering them as a senatorial district.

I conducted a poll and asked the people of your senatorial district on how you are faring so far, and most of the respondents claim they are just hearing your name for the first time, my question is, if those on social media who to the best of my knowledge are keeping tabs on the happenings in the country don’t even know the name of the senator representing them talk more of his activities, then what happened to those in rural areas and thousands who aren’t on social media to even monitor your activities?

They say every politics is local but even the few locals I have asked about you off social media don’t really know you, your name seems to be strange to them, which is laughable and should be humiliating to the office you occupy. But we live in a country where a public office holder gives a hoot about his/her people only when it’s election period.

As far as am concerned, it’s not too late to salvage the situation and turn a new leaf, that’s if you are really willing to be for the people and not for the elites, it shouldn’t even be because you will seek re-election, because that is in the hands of God and the people, it should be about you doing right by your people.

Consult with the stakeholders, hold town hall meetings every three months in different towns in your constituency, get close to your people and hear them out, ask them questions, get answers, don’t represent your people only from Abuja, go to them in their villages, don’t wait till election period, my people are wiser now, they can see through the acts of politicians, and trust me, there is no room for rigging again, at least we have that.

The electoral process is better now, we will be having electronic voting for the first time by 2019, just the way you were not known before you won the election in 2015, an unknown candidate might be coming to dethrone you too, and that’s normal in life, winning and losing is normal, what’s not normal is failing to make an impact when you have every resource at your fingertips to really make the impact.

Finally, Mr Senator, the people around you are probably not telling you what you need to hear, get people around you that won’t care about losing their jobs if they tell you the truth, it’s not about helping you or them, it’s about the enormous responsibility you have on your shoulders. Remember, you are not only going to account for the way and how you represent us to us alone, but also to your God.

Choose between impressing God, your constituents and the deceitful people that call themselves leaders at the upper chamber.

At the end of the day, they will never follow you to your constituency to account for your stewardship to your people, you are a first time senator, try at least to make a positive impact that will leave your name in the annals of history.

Thank you.

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Mu’awiyyah Yusuf Muye is on twitter as @MP_Muye

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  1. muye while some people do not like truth but if this man would reason with you then good for him ,but he should remember that he is going to account for it before god

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