Opinion: Demonizing the PDP for filthy lucre

by Rogers Edor Ochela


The APC that he is celebrating with so much gusto is known to harbour elements that have contributed in no small measure to the despoliation of Nigeria

My attention was drawn to an advertorial in one of the national dailies on 13, 2013 by one Rayyanu Bala, a writer that is gradually assuming the status of Goebbels in the incumbent CPC administration in Nasarawa State.

Going through the entire write-up, it was simply vintage Rayyanu Bala—full of sound and fury, yet signifying nothing. In that letter to the five Northern governors of Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) who recently visited some former Nigerian leaders in search of solutions to Nigeria’s problems, Bala mounted the moral high horse by pontificating on the so-called ills plaguing PDP.  It was like a case of an outsider weeping louder than the bereaved.

At this juncture, it is necessary to educate the likes of Bala that in spite of all odds, the PDP has achieved a lot since the ship of democracy berthed on the nation’s shores in 1999, including but not limited to sustaining and nurturing Nigeria’s democracy, monumental distractions as epitomized in terrorism and other forms of crisis notwithstanding. It is equally significant to stress that PDP has contributed enormously to the development of Nasarawa State (1999 to 2007) before the unfortunate advent of the present CPC administration.

That Nasarawa State Government through its agents like Rayyanu Bala has found a favourite pastime in squandering the meagre resources of the state on frivolities called advertorials; instead of using such funds to better the lots of the suffering people of the state is a sad commentary on the management of resources by the CPC administration in the state.

In the same advertorial, the author heaped undeserved praises on the newly registered All Progressive Congress (APC) as if the party possesses the magic wand of taking Nigeria to the Promised Land. Hear him: ‘’From now on, it is not too difficult for Nigerians to know which party has been inflicting pains on them in the last 14 years. Indeed, in the last 14 years, the PDP has messed up with all the good things the future has for us in this country and it becomes incumbent on men and women of goodwill to come together and sweep away the mess’’.

The APC that he is celebrating with so much gusto is known to harbour elements that have contributed in no small measure to the despoliation of Nigeria. Save for Mohammed Buhari and a few others, several other elements within the party who have held public positions of trust in this country have been tarred with the brush of corruption, having looted the peoples common patrimony with impunity.

From all intents and purposes, regardless of the antics of spoilsports like Bala and his ilk who have refused to see any redeeming feature in PDP, the party has unarguably contributed greatly to the development of Nigeria in all ramifications, its shortcomings, which are tolerable notwithstanding.

Bala’s subtle attempt to woo the five PDP governors to APC’s fold will just not jell. Those governors know that their interests are better served and protected in PDP, a party they have benefited enormously from. The authors’ unfortunate attempt to paint PDP in lurid colours could be likened to the case of kettle calling pot black.

Considering the low level the image of his principal has sunk in recent times on account of his non-performance in office, Bala tried, though unsuccessfully, to burnish his (principal’s) image by  celebrating the proposed hosting of APC Governors Forum in Lafia with all its attendant financial implications on the meagre resources of the state.

Judging from the foregoing, it is time for all well-meaning individuals and relevant stakeholders in Nasarawa State to call Rayyanu Bala and his paymaster to order. Incessant wasting of scarce resources on needless advertorials does not in any way contribute to the growth of the state. Such resources should be judiciously used to jerk up the wobbling economy of the state. A word, it is often said, is enough for the wise.


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