Opinion: I wish your parents were gay

by Saatah Nubari

Black gay couple

To everybody who supports gay rights, be you a President or anybody, at this juncture I’ll just say to you that I WISH YOUR PARENTS WERE GAY.

I am amazed at the criticisms that has trailed President Obama’s visit to Africa. One thing that catches my attention is the fact that so many Africans, mostly Nigerians, have come to realize that the US, the West and Europe don’t care about us. We have come to realize that it is all about interest and re-colonization.

Africans have always been on the receiving end. Our relationship with the US and its allies has been more of parasitic than symbiotic. The unending quest of the US to control both the natural resources and political structures of African and Arab countries will continue to fuel the hatred against them by Africans and Arabs. We have always been deceived that they (US and its allies) have our best interest at heart, but more often than not, they have been proven wrong. Taking a look at the majority of the conflicts in African and Arab nations, though difficult, a closer look will prove beyond doubt that the West has always had a hand in our problems. Now let’s take a look at the parasitic nature of the West.


Iraq was never a terrorist nation. Their President then, Saddam Hussein was an ally of the US, and then the relationship between the two nations got frosty. Iraq had oil, US needed Iraqi oil and relationship was not good. It should also be noted that the US supplied weapons to Saddam Hussein. The US doesn’t like Iran and so do Saddam Hussein, so what better way to get the oil than to fund your enemies’ enemy? That’s what the US did, and by 2003 things were no longer going as planned.

By March of 2003, the US army invades Iraq. You know the reason they gave for the invasion? They said Iraq had WMD’s (weapons of mass destruction). How possible? Russia has WMD, why not invade them.  That was the surface reason. The real reason the US invaded Iraq was because of oil. They said Iraq was a breeding ground for terrorists; that was a lie. The US knew that the terrorists they were looking for were in Afghanistan and Pakistan, not Iraq. And to those of you asking why some people were fighting against the US in Iraq, here it is. The fighting’s that was going on in Iraq was between insurgents that were against the US occupation of their home and not terrorists. Now that you have a glimpse of the US and their evil schemes, let’s go further.


Anytime I think of this sordid act, I can’t help but cry. A whopping 20% percent of Rwanda’s population, approximately 1,000,000 people killed in a period of 3 months while the world watched. Rwanda has no oil; Rwanda has no natural resources, so why send troops or invade. The funny thing about this genocide is that, while it was going on, foreign troops in the country gradually pulled out. They left without looking back at the people been killed. I remember the US saying “people have been killed”, but they failed to call it genocide. So let me ask you this question: why did the US, the West or Europe not send in troops to salvage the situation in Rwanda? I’ll give you an answer. Rwanda is a country with no natural resources and no political structure that will be relevant to them.


To tell you the truth, the US, the West and Europe don’t want a strong, stable and independent Africa. They prefer a continent filled with lack, want and moral decadence so they can give handouts and continue their exploitation. They are in dire need of a continent without direction, without vision but we won’t give that to them. The US and its allies have continued to insist, or rather force us to accept and cultivate their new found love for moral decadence. It is rather shameful that the US President flew to Africa, and rather than discuss vital issues, he decided to force us into being gay. Africa has a long standing history of high moral standings. Every religion in Africa is against the new epidemic called homosexuality and it is a welcome address that most countries have stood up to defend our moral history by saying no this epidemic. I actually find it abhorring that South Africa actually bowed to the pressure and gave in to their demands. For the first time, our “developing” tag has actually helped us. The good thing about being a “developing” continent is that you learn from the mistakes of the “developed” countries. We might not be doing that perfectly, but we are actually trying not to make the same mistakes.

It is an embarrassment to the Christian faith, that Obama, who claims to profess the religion, supports this scourge called homosexuality. Most people have learnt to interpret the Holy Bible to suit their aims. I had a discussion with a gay activist, and he brought the portion of the Bible that says “love your neighbor” and I asked him if he loved Al Qaeda and he couldn’t answer. He said people have the right to practice what they believe and I replied him with “so does Al Qaeda”. The thing is this; the US and its allies should stop forcing us to accept their mistakes or try to tell us to change our moral standings to suit them. The African religion allows polygamy but the US doesn’t, the Nigerian president has never gone to America to force it on the American people.

I find it exhilarating that we Africans have come to kick against this sinister move to re-colonize us, this move to use us as puppets. We have come to realize that these people don’t wish us well even if we wish them well. In as much as some Africans support this epidemic called homosexuality, majority of us will continue to make it known to the world that we will refuse to be gay.

To everybody who supports gay rights, be you a President or anybody, at this juncture I’ll just say to you that I WISH YOUR PARENTS WERE GAY.

I’ll leave you with a quote from the Irish author Oscar Wilde: “America is the only country that went from barbarism to decadence without civilization in between.”


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  1. This article is just rubbish. You do realise that homosexuals are born by straight parents, right? Apart from being utter bullshit, you go on to quote Oscar Wilde who indulged in homosexuality. LMFAO. You are clearly too stupid to even do a bit of research.


  3. Well said

  4. God bless whoever wrote this!

  5. i use to love american but i still do.but gay ,we nigerian hate u.as we hate satan ur master of gayhood.whosoever support is an enemy of GOD

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