Opinion: The other side of Goodluck Jonathan

by Chris Aja


One of the most outstanding leadership attributes President Jonathan has exhibited which most of his critics cannot, is his calmness of spirit in the face of provocation. He exudes the highest tolerance power any Nigerian leader, dead or alive, has ever displayed to opposition elements.

Like the seven blind men of Hindustan who once visited the elephant, an argument ensued among them on their way home on what the elephant looks like.

The man who touched the ear insisted that the elephant is like a fan; the one that touched the tail argued the elephant is like a rope; the one that touched the side insisted the elephant is like a wall and so on. Every one held unto his views about the elephant and so could a leader be likened to.

The president himself once observed that he is the most criticized leader in the world. Goodluck Jonathan, on stage as Nigeria’s number one citizen, is a divine project meant for the good of Nigeria.

From his take off strategy, dancing steps, melody of songs to his body language in year 2010 after the death of President Yar’Adua, Nigerians from all works of life, religious inclination and even political leanings decided to vote massively for Dr. Goodluck Jonathan in year 2011.

For the records, it must be stated that since the emergence of Goodluck Jonathan, the availability of fuel in Nigeria’s filling stations has increased. Perennial scarcity always experienced before has abated now for over two years running, with prices virtually the same in the villages and cities for the first time in the country.

Critical infrastructural development in Nigeria is receiving unprecedented attention as never before. There is highly improved electricity supply in the country under Goodluck Jonathan’s administration and with his massive public private sector participation in this area as well as partnership with international finance and development agencies, ongoing reactivation projects in the nation’s various hydro stations as well as the quality of personnel he engages to manage the sector, Jonathan has stood firm to address the problem of electricity supply historically.  In virtually every sector of the economy, Dr. Goodluck Jonathan is poised for a better job.

From the health sector, finance, transportation system, education, civil service, housing, sports, manufacturing, ICT, observance of federal character principles, sound electoral reformation to investment opportunities etc, the story has never been the same since the emergence of his government. Available records in each of the above areas can always prove pundits wrong on the difference between now and before. President Jonathan is the most youth friendly, Civil Service and labour friendly leader ever had so far.

He maps out intimidating strategies and programmes to address the problem of youth unemployment. Such programmes as You-WIN, Public Works/Women and Youth Empowerment Programmes etc are promises made and kept to Nigeria’s youths.

The records which Jonathan has make in the quality of personnel he has appointed into positions of responsibility, healthy relationship among the executive, Judiciary and Legislative arms of governance, his wonderful relationship with state governments, personal and timely intervention in critical moments, as well as his knack for allowing appointees a free hand to prove their mettle or otherwise are other areas his critics have not taken note of.

Nigerian women have never enjoyed a pride of place like they have done in Jonathan’s government. The first government in Nigeria to appoint a woman Chief Justice of Nigeria since independence, first woman Petroleum Minister and too many other firsts attributed to Nigerian women since the country’s leadership history. Jonathan’s leadership is the most gender sensitive administration so far in the country. It is in his government that the best of Nigerian women in leadership responsibilities has been most showcased even for future administration in the country.

Jonathan’s respect for rule of law since his emergence has shown Nigerians that the era of using phone calls to tell a Judge whom to clear is ending. The emergence of over three Nigerian Governors against his party candidates did not attract any form of interference from the president. Rather, he congratulated the winners. Under Jonathan, Nigerians have witnessed the freest and fairest elections at various levels in the country without any form of presidential or executive interference in the processes. There are also the highest press freedom, boldest citizens’ views about governance, and very high sense of participation and confidence than before.

One of the most outstanding leadership attributes President Jonathan has exhibited which most of his critics cannot, is his calmness of spirit in the face of provocation. He exudes the highest tolerance power any Nigerian leader, dead or alive, has ever displayed to opposition elements. To some critics, this is a sign of weakness and lack of focus, but in actual sense of leadership it is a way of taking a pause of goodwill and allowing an erring follower a second chance to repent. As Mahatma Gandi puts it “The weak can never forgive.”

Forgiveness is the attribute of the strong.”  President Goodluck Jonathan by this quality has proved that he is a tactical leader with very wide room for dialogue, peaceful co-existence and forgiveness while still guiding his empire with iron discipline.

He has proved that the days of the lions and Pharaohs in Nigeria’s leadership style may not and can never be the best in the face of provocation. If within a short space of time, Goodluck Jonathan’s administration has given the country a road map in virtually every sector in spite of the volume of distractions the administration has suffered so far, especially bordering on insecurity, I am strongly of the view that with greater atmosphere of concentration, he can do much better for country.


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  1. Moving forward is not just about vengeance and leaving in the past, its about having a sustainable vision, mission and goals to be great, successful and be remembered even after life, The likes of Marthin Luther, Nelson Mandela and Abraham Lincon were remembered always base on the leadership qualities and lagacy they left behind through the creation of a solid foundation that their countries now stood upon to be among the nations that people all over the world admire and study their economy, culture and ways of life.

    Indeed camparing the past nigerian leaders through history beleive me no one has match the leadership qualities that GOODLUCK EBELE JONATHAN pocess and display so far in his political career. if you will defind greatness “the state, condition or quality of been great in mind, power and what so ever you do”, if GOODLUCK EBELE JONATHAN did not pocessed these leadership qualities he wont have reached were he is today.

  2. I like this. I respect the man and the office, and I often pray for our various leaders, starting from my oga at work.

  3. all haters without facts nd reasons go hug transformer..

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