Perverted crime: 15-year-old boy rapes disabled 65-year-old male pensioner (Pictured)

Abuser: 15-year-old Ben O'Neill raped an elderly man while high on the drug MCAT and drunk on vodkaAbuser: 15-year-old Ben O’Neill raped an elderly man while high on the drug MCAT and drunk on vodka

A 15-year-old boy has been jailed after raping a disabled male pensioner while ‘out of his own mind’ on a cocktail of vodka and the drug MCAT.

Ben O’Neill pushed his terrified victim, 65, into a field before attacking him, forcing him to perform a sex act on him and then attempting to rape him again.

His elderly victim was unable to fight back as he suffers from a condition which restricts the use of his limbs, Nottingham Crown Court heard.

The judge took the unusual step of naming and releasing a photo of the teenager because of the seriousness of the crime.

O’Neill was jailed indefinitely for ‘public protection’ but must serve at least three-and-a-half years behind bars after a judge heard the drunk and drug-crazed teenager had subjected his victim to the sickening ten minute assault on August 4, saying ‘We’re going to have some fun together.’

He pleaded guilty to three serious sexual assault charges, plus two charges of robbery and charge of theft.

Hours earlier, O’Neill and an accomplice had been involved in the robbery of a mobile phone from a 24-year-man.

The robbery occurred on the site of the old Sherwood Colliery when the pair, who were part of a larger group, followed the 24-year-old. The first male – who was never identified – hit the victim around the head with a bottle before O’Neill grabbed him in a bear hug.

The victim fell to the floor and was kicked unconscious, although he recalled O’Neill ordering the other perpetrator to stop because the victim was disabled. The victim later woke up and realised his mobile phone and keys were missing.

The next morning, O’Neill was part of a group who entered Cox’s Supermarket in Mansfield Woodhouse at around 6.30am, with O’Neill stealing a bottle of vodka.


Around 90 minutes later and still carrying the stolen vodka, he approached the disabled 65-year-old victim near an allotment site, before escorting him to a field.

O’Neill made the man perform a sex act on him as well committing rape and attempted rape.

Following the ordeal, O’Neill asked the man if he had any money on him and took his mobile phone before throwing it away. He then ordered him lay down until he had left the area.

Shocking: Nottingham Crown Court heard how the teenager forced himself on the 65-year-old who could not fight back because of his disabilityShocking: Nottingham Crown Court heard how the teenager forced himself on the 65-year-old who could not fight back because of his disability

O’Neill then went to a house in Vale Road in which he knew the occupants, but stole a laptop a short time later. In the process he left the vodka bottle behind.

He was later arrested and initially denied the charges until forensic evidence was found on the vodka bottle.


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Defending, Adrian Langdale said O’Neill had a difficult upbringing and was physically abused as a small child by his mother’s former drug-addicted partner.

He had gone to live with his grandparents which Mr Langdale said were ‘the only stable force in this life’, but he was eventually diagnosed of suffering from ADHD (attention deficit hyperactivity disorder) at the age of 13 and put on medication to combat the illness.

Mr Langdale said in the six months leading up to committing these crimes, he had begun to take the mind-altering class-B drug MCAT, was smoking cannabis and drinking.

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