Prophet Sam Ojo is raving mad but it’s only a reflection of the hypnotism that happens in many Nigerian Churches

The Nigerian Christianity is a largely dysfunctional one – different from the normal one we read of or even the usual or the ones practised in several parts of the world (which should not be so, anyway). Since the Nigerian Culture is deeply rooted in folktales, sacrifices and gods who do as they like, when they like and however they like, many Nigerians have now chosen to model the Christian faith after such previous experience(s).

This is why I wasn’t surprised when I stumbled on the recent viral video of Prophet Sam Ojo. I was sad, burdened and angry but I wasn’t surprised because again, #ThisisNigeria. And not to mean that the practice should go on or is in the least acceptable but that we keep letting ourselves be used as pawns in the hands of ignorant “men of God”. I was sad because occurrences like this further drag the Christian faith in Nigeria into very unpleasant conversations but not surprised because hypnotism and emotional blackmail is largely common in several parts of Nigeria.

In the video, Prophet Sam Ojo spoke about a particular man who came to him for prayers regarding a contract and a governorship position. However, as he alleged, the man got the contract and proceeded to pay a tithe of 100 million naira in another church. This was definitely the cause of his rage and he laid all sorts of curses.

“If I use my anointing on you and you take my tithe to another church, your life will be destroyed,” he continued in his display of rage.

The video also revealed him insisting on receiving a piece of land as a reward before a child could be administered perfect healing.

Watch the video below:

End Time ChurchPastor cursing members, asking for 100 million, asking for land document from a poor lady, even wishing people death. For once, I now believe in hypnosis. This is not normal

Posted by Topaz Aya Omoniyi on Tuesday, May 29, 2018

Although Prophet Sam Ojo has released another video trying to clarify what happened in the previous video, it still doesn’t change the fact, neither does it change the reality of how Christianity is practised in certain circles.

Watch Ojo’s response below:

Pastor Sam Ojo responds to the viral video. He attributed it to haters and other pastors that wants him down. For your delight people! In case you missed the video, here it is…

Posted by Topaz Online on Friday, June 1, 2018

Maybe, after all, many Nigerian Christians who should be living in freedom and their pastors who take advantage of their ignorance still need to hear the gospel again.

At the end of the video, he addresses those who say he isn’t God telling them to go and meet God if they know his address.

Actually, that is the solution to all of these for people to have a first-hand experience of who God is and be able to relate with him as originally intended – Father. The Bible tells us how and Nigerian Christians need to do just that.

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