Teenager mauled to death by vicious dogs over meat pie (PICTURED)


by Rachel Ogbu



A 14-year-old student was mauled to death by dogs trying to take her meat pie off her in Atherton, near Wigan, UK.

 Jade Anderson was savaged to death when we went over to her friend’s house who had four “out of control” dogs; two bull mastiffs and two Staffordshire bull terriers.

According to eye-witness reports, the dogs started to jump up at Anderson after she returned from the shops eating the pie.

“She tried to fend one of them off, but apparently it went berserk and went for her throat. It seems she was then overwhelmed by the animals inside the house. When the police came the dogs were all outside apart from one,” a neighbour said.

“Jade was in the kitchen and the next we heard were the gunshots, then screams. We believe the biggest dog took about nine bullets before it died.

Police were called to the house at 2pm after they received reports that a teenage girl was lying unconscious surrounded by dogs.

Police said they were left with no other choice but to shoot the dogs to get to Anderson.

Neo-the-bullmastiff (Photo: Mirror)

Neo-the-bullmastiff (Photo: Mirror)

Molly Brewer, who is the same age as the victim and went to school with her at Fred Longworth High School in Tyldesley said she had spoken to Katrina, the sister of Anderson’s friend.

“Jade was eating a pie which she had in her hand. She moved the pie away and the dog went for her throat.

“Then two other dogs were on top of her and biting her legs. Katrina was crying and then went into the house.”

“Every time you walk past that house the dogs were barking and you’d be cowering. It would make you jump out your skin,” Brewer said.

Also, the brother took to Facebook posting: “Can’t believe that my mum’s dogs killed a 15-year-old girl, outa control….”

Last night a group of neighbours gathered outside the police cordon to pay tribute to the teenager, who has a brother and sister.

Another neighbour said: “We only saw Jade this morning and she seemed to be in a good mood.

“She’d stayed at her friend’s the night before and was looking forward to the Easter holidays.

“She knew these animals so I don’t know why they all went for her. She was a lovely girl.”

Another neighbour described it as a terrible tragedy. “Everyone is stunned.”

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