These guys are serious: Health minister says medical treatment abroad will soon be banned

by Rachel Ogbu


The Minister of Health, Onyebuchi Chukwu recently announced plans to stop Nigerians from travelling abroad for medical treatment which could be treated well in public and private health facilities in the country.

On Monday January 21, Chukwu in Asaba, the Delta State explained that it was becoming increasingly discomfiting for the government that  Nigerians unnecessarily rush  abroad to treat minor ailments which our health institutions were more than capable of handling.

During the opening ceremony of the first  Nigerian Medical  Association (NMA)  National  Health  Summit,  Chukwu said the Federal Ministry of Health also directed that  on no  account  should cases  which  could be handled  by some  of our private  health  facilities  be referred from government teaching  hospitals  to private  hospitals  overseas.

Critics are already defining this as another government time wasting scheme as how do they intend to know an ordinary citizen is travelling for medical treatment and is it not a matter of choice. Perhaps it should be restricted to public figures and politicians.

How about Nigerians who have a foreign passport, would they be affected by the ban? Which agency would be responsible for the war against foreign medical check-ups?

These are questions that beg to be answered.

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