This is just unbelievable: See how the Civil Defence commandant embarrassed himself on live TV (WATCH, TRANSCRIPT)

by Rachel Ogbu


In his defense… no, sorry we can’t back him here.

Watch the shocking reply from the Lagos State Commandant of the Nigerian Security and Civil Defence Corp (NSCDC), Obafaiye Shem. The question; What’s the website of the NSCDC?

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According to Channels Television, Shem was a guest on the breakfast programme, Sunrise Daily. He said the website opened by impostors to defraud unsuspecting job seekers would be automatically closed.

Watch the clip from the interview here:

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Transcript (Source)

commandant: the website of nscdc….yes we (inaudible)……the….I cannot categorically tell you one now because the one thatwe’re….
Anchor1 interrupts
anchor1: do you have multiple websites???
commandant: wait, wait..the one that we are going to make use of, I’m not the one that is going to create it.
anchor1: …..see the question is what is your website?
commandant interrupts
commandant: waaaaaaaait………
anchor1: ok
commandant: the one that we are going to make use of is going to be made known by my oga at the top….yes….I can’t announce one now and the oga says it’s another one that we are going to use…..
Anchor2 chips in
anchor2: oh the nscdc has multiple websites????
commandant: the something…..we..we…we cannot have multiple websites but the one that is *coughs* that…that my oga….
Anchor1 & 2 interrupt
anchor2: no no it’s not the one for employment
anchor1: what is your website now, the one you use normally, your official website?
Anchor2 chips in
anchor2: ……..the official website if you want to know about the nscdc, what website do you go to?
commandant: ok if you want to know about nscdc…..
anchor2: exactly!
commandant: ………as at now, ok…..www.*pauses* nscdc*pauses*…….yes….
anchor2: ……yes
commandant: so *coughs* that’s all (looks sideways at anchor1)
anchor2: http://www.nscdc?
commandant: (interrupts to reaffirm statement) nscdc…yes
anchor1: that’s it?

Comments (26)

  1. this is a very sick joke.
    Commandant my fucking ass.
    Whats the difference between a mai_gaurd and this joker????

  2. If we saw this clip in a movie, we’d all think the writer and the producers were idiots! But here, live on channels TV, should he even be qualified to be a gateman? Smh

    1. I would have say something Oooo but I dn’t want my oga @the top to change it lol

  3. Its a shame! Unbelievable indeed.

    1. I watched d programme, d man doesn't knw any thing.

  4. it looks like a is not. it is real! Jesus! This was live on TV?

  5. Am singing Implication ha ha ha by tuface idibia(lol)

  6. Wen dey refused 2 give d youths jobs y won't dey kip embarassing dis country

  7. In fact, I watched the recorded scene repeatedly and started laughing. The way the man was trying to parry the question thrown to him, using questions to answer questions with boldface.

  8. Durin recruitement process, dis bag of rank nd appointment ll drop candidate for poor performance, I̶̲̥̅̊n̶̲̥̅̊ written nd oral test. Sorryyyyyy

  9. Little things that cost so much **coughs**. A commandant that has been serving for some years now, hw do u defend yourself on this issue. Many top govt officials are also clueless of their web add.

  10. This is quite sad, a cmdt? Its a sad tale for all defenders nation wide. He owes us all an apology.

  11. What a shame!dts is a refletion of wot is happening in our dear country.

  12. Waoh! What is the academic qualification of this so-called “commandant”? You see how square pegs are put in round holes in this country?

  13. It’s a shame that only idiots like dis get most of government jobs in dis country. How can a state head of NSCDC not know his organisations website, he should be sacked immediately as he’s proving he’s incapacity to handle d job.

  14. The facial expression of the hosts…priceless

  15. The commandant is most unqualifd.He ought to b just a corporal.Wrong appointmnt! Do u need 2 b in lagos 2 visit website?

    1. all officers need to go 4 refresher course in that dept.

  16. Y sme of pple re nt understand der selfs lyk ds man who called himself commandant,he need 2go 2grud room

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