Timi Odeneye: Cry of obukomena genento (30 Days, 30 Voices)


I want to be a crusader

A real big social fighter

Let’s see through the eyes of the Eagle, so you can see that possibilities are for everyone because we are equal.

Our lives are so special, but we keep treating each other like we mean nothing.

It’s a dance of shame, when for money and fame

Our youths get locked up for cyber crime

Elders keep saying Obukomena Gegento, you don’t need to scam a dime

But I look around and answer, where are the jobs?

How do I feed and catch up with my needs?


I support the dream that says ‘one day e go better’

But how do we tackle the crux of the matter?

Employment, healthcare, corruption, power, roads, education. This is it, lest I forget pipe borne water.

I support the team which has a dream that one day, the children of this great nation would look forward to a much brighter nation.

That one day, we can fully utilise the resources of this great nation to its full potentials.

Many years in the office, all you get is a card and a wristwatch

The lies are boundless. But we open our mouth in wonder.


You tell us to think beyond borders, to think outside the box

But yet the blunders we masses commit are checked, cross-examined and the culprits are punished

Yet the guys who give us all these lies as three-course meals in offices that are supposed to be occupied by honest God-fearing people are pardoned.

They have opinions that are dogmatic and we ask in wonder…Do you need more time to rule?

How much more time do you need to make the changes that we seek?

I want to be a crusader

A real big social fighter


I want my thoughts to be likened to that of Martin Luther Jnr

We all as a nation should experience this great revolution of standing for Peace and Transparency

It’s a gory show of madness to see my people continue in this sadness

Yet my people have grown so much endurance and resistance that we keep smiling in spite of the suffering that we all go through.

They all say Nigeria is poor, that my people have never invented anything, but I ask, how do we?

When all the energy and resources God deposited in us to put 1 and 1 together to invent something for the whole world to behold has been used to build resistance against this suffering.

We then ask ourselves, is pressure above us or we are under intense pressure?

It’s so obvious that we are under pressure


We are left in despair, our hopes are shattered

But we compensate our pitiful souls that Ipokinki fear nobody, through all, thick and thin. God is with us because he is Nigerian.

Because we all think that there is little we can do, we should just pray to God to see us through.

A piece to those in control

Stop this suffering show

But all we are told is not to worry, that it will only take a short while before we all leave this reign of pain

But for how long would the rain darken the sky without falling.

I am going to preach this gospel everywhere even to the ears of those who don’t care, till all our pain is gone

Till when a good life we can all choose


We as a people have a heart without a home; we are likened to a bird without a nest, a rebel without a gun.

The feeling, the pain is seemingly normal, but we as a people are

Too important to be ignored

Too precious to be wasted

Too unique to be confused

Too lovely to be hated…you know why?


Because we are God’s pride

Nigerians are so strongly built in wonderful ethnic combinations making the best of every situation because we fully understand that our Happiness isn’t tied to happenings and our Joy is tied to the understanding of the future we hold in our hands

We understand that we are God’s people, God’s own nation and his PRIDE.


30 Days 30 Voices series is an opportunity for young Nigerians to share their stories and experiences with other young Nigerians, within our borders and beyond, to inspire and motivate them.


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