Twitter Personality Campaign: Laide ‘ExSchoolNerd’ Olabode

by Ifreke Inyang

As the race for the title of April’s Twitter Personality gets more interesting, YNaija pumps up the fun and games. We start off a new series this week called the Twitter Personality Campaign. What is this about? We will be conducting a second set of short interviews which we have tagged ‘Twampaigns’. It is essentially to promote each nominee and push those who possibly haven’t voted to do so for them. We’re just having a little fun!

We talk to @exschoolnerd…

What’s the name of your Twi-party?

The name of my Twi-party is the ‘Underdogs Party’. It is meant for those who others don’t expect anything from.

What’s the motto of your twi-party and its symbol?

The symbol would be a pen because I am a writer.

How are you funding your campaign?

Through my adverts and through the people who believe in me and want me to win.

Why are you running for Twitter Personality?

Of course it’s because YNaija selected me as a nominee. So I guess I should be asking you!

Who do you consider as your biggest threat in the race?

Funny enough, I don’t know most of the other people that are in the race with me. So, I can’t say. I am really interested in myself.

What stands you out from the others?

I am myself. I think people like that and appreciate it. I say what’s on my mind. That’s why people think I’m crazy. Others think I’m being creative.

If you win, what will you do about people that gbagaun?

Nothing actually. The last time I checked, twitter is not school or a class. My only problem would be those who don’t sound intelligent and always argue unnecessarily.

What will be the jail term for those involved in twitfights?

Twitfights are interesting. If we don’t have twitfights and gbagauns, twitter will become a place where people are all living in peace and tweeting in good English. It will become boring. People actually look forward to these fights you know!

Who will be your Ministers?

@J_diva, @Andhiii and @JibolaL

What specific thing will you do to appreciate all those who would have voted you into power?

I’ll probably continue to keep them entertained.

What’s your manifesto?

Twitter is not where you plan because there are no rules. You might say you want to do something and when you come on, you change it. But I would definitely banish the ‘jumpers’ – those who are always jumping into other people’s conversations.

What do you think about the YNaija Twitter Personality series?

I think it’s a cool idea. YNaija is showcasing all the fun and interesting people that makes our timeline rock.


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