Twitter Roundup Xtra: Bishop Oyedepo and the ‘holy slap’

by ‘Ifreke Inyang [@Ifreke]

If you still haven’t gotten a grasp, let us fill you in on the gist: There’s a video clip of Bishop David Oyedepo which has gone viral on Twitter, courtesy of  Kayode Ogundamisi, a blogger. In the footage which lasts a little over a minute, the General Overseer of the Winners Chapel can be seen speaking to a young woman who kneels before the alter. And in an instant, he slaps the girl across the face, while still speaking.

It is not very clear what the conversation was, but there are a lot of speculations that the young woman is a witch and she was being given ‘deliverance slaps’. There have been a few interesting reactions on Twitter:

@sheytu: Annointed SLAP by Bishop Oyedepo!!! Izzokay!!

@amasonic: The First Twitter War of today is over: Lekki Toll Gate Protests. The Second War is on: Pastor Oyedepo’s slapping. There will be blood

@PXC_Jerry: Why would Oyedepo physically assault people in the name of deliverance. That dude should be prosecuted, jailed and raped! WTF?

@crisphareal: If oyedepo actually slapped sum1 nd cursed her! Den God will visit him. Man of God my ass. Kmft.. Cheats

@Bayo_Orebiyi: What’s next Bishop Oyedepo? Cut off her limbs or torch her?

@ItzFemiMarshal: David Oyedepo is jst a fool nd all yall goin to his church av problmz dah need urgent prayers

@loladeville_: I’m tired of all deez rants about Bishop oyedepo slapping a woman, u aint d one slapped, stop taking panadol for oda ppl’s headaches, abegi

@Griffinstreaks: The various pastors will now start issuing ‘Deliverance Slaps’ in their respective churches. Why? cause Daddy Oyedepo did the same thing.

@FrankUgo_: Tunde Bakare punched his wife, David Oyedepo slapped someone. Who’s the next in the line of clergymen?


Watch the video and share your thoughts:


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  1. In sincerity Bishop Oyedepo is one of our Christian heroes that has done a lot to positively affect peoples lives.We should at least be kind to this Great man of God. Why do we easily forget the good & focus on errors.I pity christians who sell their men of God to unbelievers.Christians pls be WISE……

  2. Please let us be careful & not put things out of context. Bishop Oyedepo slaped the girl for insulting the name of Jesus & not having deliverance.see d video again & ask for mercy for insulting the man of God.

  3. I dnt knw why people ar lyk dis.d man of God is been led by d holy stop rainin insult on d man of God,nd ask 4 forgiveness frm God.and let learn to mind our business.

  4. Bishop David Oyedepo is α̅ man of God

    His α̅ prophet D̶̲̥̅̊α̲̅†̥ has bin sent by God so we shld mind wat we S̶̲̥̅åƔ cos he who curseth α̅ man ordained by God shall be cursed…its only God D̶̲̥̅̊α̲̅†̥ knws if what he did was right or wrong ª̳͡ηð its God D̶̲̥̅̊α̲̅†̥ knws wat he wld do cos bishop david oyedepo is his child….its funny hw things come up cos dis incident happened in shiloh 2006 or 2007 or so,its bin really long so y bring it up nw?pls let us be careful hw we talk abt dis men of God cause its really dangerous!

  5. Are u guys out of ur mind to talk about a man of God like that, have u forgotten the bible said touch not my anointed and do my prophet no harm, don't say things u have no right to say, so u dnt bring cause upon urself and ur household. Dnt be rash in speaking

  6. @Kayode: mature comment. @FF:Ah! That's weighty o!It could have been you! I see here, how many Nigerians have become "character EFCC" while they themselves need to be proved. As much as I have not said Bishop's action is right, let us all address the right things and not personalities! Let "he that never made a mistake keep casting stones!


  8. Oyedepo, You are nothing but a shame to our society. People like you should be prosecuted and rot in prison. After taking all the church contribution to enrich yourself, you still have the audacity to slap that young girl.

  9. This man has gone crazy. Deliverance is just a sham. Everyone who has 'received' Christ is already delivered. Ignorance is terrible.

  10. That is grossly out of order, and if he were to come to London and meet a real witch, and slap her in the name of deliverance, he'd find himself in jail facing charges of common assault, and would need a good solicitor to go and 'deliver' him.

    He could only try this in Nigeria, and on an 'uneducated' woman. If he were to slap the daughter of a governor, or a female lawyer let's say, or even someone's wife, he'd be getting a slap back straight up.

    That's horrific to say the least, and I'd ask this man of God to come to London and just try slapping someone here. Has he ever seen Daddy G.O slap someone in the name of deliverance before? I'm embarrased for our nation and this man of God should know better I'm afraid.

  11. Wow! The things Nigerians say tho. It's like you guys dont knw there is a God. May God have mercy on us.

  12. Trololololol!!!!

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