Why bother wearing a dress? Rihanna steps out in her most revealing outfit yet (PHOTOS)

We’re starting to think that Rihanna‘s nipple ring is her favorite accessory.

The 24-year-old singer and budding fashion designer brought her typical sexy outfit A-game to hot Hollywood spot Eden on Thursday night. (At the same time, presciently, Taylor Swift and Jennifer Lopez were wearing especially revealing dresses. Did they have a three-way call where they planned this?)

Rihanna’s long-sleeved frock may have had sub-elbow sleeves, but that’s about all that was modest about it, as the fabric revealed her skimpy black underwear and totally-not-even-there bra.

Not that we’re surprised to see a sheer dress from the person who posts topless photos on her Instagram on the regs and goes out in New York wearing only a lacy sheer bra. Hey, we suppose nipple rings DO go with everything.











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