YNaija Tinsel Weekly Review: DEC 5 – DEC 9

by Joy Ehonwa

“Amaka Okoh, you are under arrest for murder.”

We’ll have to wait until Monday to find out what led Detective Sankey to deliver those chilling words we hoped we’d never hear.

For a moment at the police station, we thought Angela’s self preservation instincts would overpower her when Sankey told her that, insane or not, she would stand trial for manslaughter. But she held up fairly well… or didn’t she? Did she eventually cave in and tell Sankey the truth, or is the detective just playing psychological games with Amaka and Nero?

If the latter is the case, then Amaka’s distrust of Angela might just be her undoing. Will Nero be able to convince her to give Angela the benefit of the doubt, and stick to the agreed story?

Finally, a glimmer of hope at the Ade-Williams house! Fred suddenly woke up with a knowing that his daughter Monica is dead, and then started grieving all over again.  And before his family could get over that, he started asking for his grandson.

He hasn’t got his memory back fully, but at least he knows there are things he doesn’t remember. Upset that no one told him, he asked what else he couldn’t remember. “It will come to you, dad,” Phillip said. Not that any of things makes Sheila’s life any easier – Fred’s grief over Monica’s death has made him more insistent on marrying Laide.

Laide had given Sheila an ultimatum earlier; promise to treat me better or I leave. Now Cosmos (bless him!) had calmly told her earlier that everybody liked things the way they were before she came: he knew his place, he told her, and suggested that she know hers too. Advice that happens to be very relevant since Sheila found Laide in Fred’s room again, giving him a neck rub. Silly old Fred even asked “Nurse Sheila” to buy Laide some aromatic massage oils for a full massage!

As if this isn’t enough drama for one week, we find out some truth about the annoying Prudence.

It turns out that Ms. Annoying’s relationship with Varere was not all she made it out to be. She was secretly suffering abuse at Varere’s hand, so much so that according to her, when she looked at him sleeping so peacefully beside her, she wished him dead. The ugly truth came out when The Juice with Peju had Prudence and Telema on as guests. Prudence has begun as usual by attacking Telema; but when the actress turned on the charm; the shocking secret tumbled out: and the microphone was still on!

All a little too convenient if you ask me, but who cares? We love the scriptwriters for bringing the wrongly-named Prudence to a quick unravelling. And despite her demand that the recording be kept away from the public, it found its way to the web, and into Detective Sankey’s hands. Too bad!

This week was rich on all sides: Dan feels slighted by Titi pointing Shalewa to Fred’s achievements instead of his own, and they had words; then someone attacked Telema outside Mirage Spa and poured a glass of water on her.

While we’re grateful it wasn’t acid, we can’t help wondering about Kwame’s showing up at the exact same time and carrying Telema in to comfort her.

One thing we know – words like ‘coincidence’ don’t exist with the Mensahs.

We’ll find out next week!

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  1. I loved this week's episodes and this review aptly captures it.

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