Yomi Kazeem: Worship God not Pastors

Caveat: Before you read on, let me state that I am a Christian and I believe in Jesus and the gospel.

Cynically, some questions can be asked: Why take offering(s) from the congregation to build universities that the same congregation cannot afford to put their kids through?

What I do not believe in is the worshiping of pastors as though they are gods. Nigerians are religious people- that may be a good thing, but perhaps we may just have taken religion to an extreme. Why else would we worship a pastor? We kiss the floor they step on and bow to their whims and/or caprices. Sadly and disheartening, too many ‘heralded’ men of God are not as humble as should be rather they carry themselves with airs of supremacy and by extension make the congregation treat them in the same regard.

In reality, they are simply vessels of the gospel just like anyone of us can be. The anointing the pastor speaks of; the one with which he performs miracles did he get it from his mother’s soup? No, he got it from God and so when the pastor yells anointing, don’t marvel at the work of his hands rather marvel at the God who makes it possible.

A majority believe that their prayers will not be answered unless a pastor lays hands on them, that they will not have kids till that special pastor intercedes on their behalf, that they will not walk down the aisle till the man of God professes love into their lives. In so many ways, people allow their faith to be held to ransom.

Yet in a despised way, maybe some pastors have knowingly let the trend continue. Maybe they enjoy the veneration but it must be said that the church, regardless of what name is on the signpost or front entrance, is an extension of God’s ministry and not any man’s tool or machinery for fame and/or fortune.

In the words of 2face Idibia, ‘No be me Holy pass’, I simply understand and believe that there should be a difference between the man of God and the God himself. We are all wonderfully and fearfully made, so do not ascribe divinity to whom you shouldn’t. The chant goes ‘Jesus is Lord’ and not ‘pastor is Lord’.

Cynically, some questions can be asked: Why take offering(s) from the congregation to build universities that the same congregation cannot afford to put their kids through? When high-ranking government officials show up in church, why not tell them the truth where it hurts? Why not preach about the perils of theft and bad governance instead of ramble on about the merits of cheerful giving? Why not say ‘Your Excellency, things have to get better’ instead of saying ‘We’re honoured to have you in our midst!’ Why not? Doesn’t the bible says speak the truth at all times?

And what if we took our country as seriously as we take some of our pastors? The way you admonish that ‘brother or sister’ that missed a day of church, admonish corruption. Shout ‘enough is enough’ with the same ferocity with which you would shout ‘amen’ to a prayer. Hound bad government officials as though they have demons that need binding (frankly, some of them really do). Hopefully these will work some wonders for Nigeria and maybe the country may get her much-needed miracle through our collective efforts then we can all shout a mighty Halleluyah.


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  1. You seem to be missing the point in this article Mr. Ugo Ene. You seriously do.

  2. Most nigerians are daft giving the little they av to each someone I pity una …dats why our economy is bad and we have stupid leaders cause most people dey rule are daft.

  3. The opinion as well canvassed by the writer is though a sensitive matter as religious matter always are, the truth or rather the reality of the issues raised cannot to swept away by sheer cynicism and the 'mind your business' syndrome most Nigerians seem to imbibe when the truth is told.

  4. * 'freedom to have an opinion'

  5. It's actually cowardly to hide behind 'freedom top have an opinion' to present a shameful disregard for facts. Nigerian news media are not the only one publishing opinion pieces – you don't find conjecture on The New York Times, Washington Post, or The Guardian UK. You don't wake up and make statements that are not consistent with the facts on ground and get published under 'opinion' in serious climes. Just saying – would YNaija publish an article where someone says that Chude stole money when he was at Virgin Nigeria to start YNaija? It's an 'opinion', or isn't it?

  6. I don't care if someone worships a pastor. There are people in the world who worship trees, animals, the sun, the moon, rivers. There are those who even worship nothing.

    The problem is with the thinking of the author. The playing to popular criticism of church going people and their leaders, ignoring facts and showing disdain for research.

    @@ugo ene: Your silly conclusion based on my comment is the problem with contemporary Nigerian comprehension.

  7. Hummmmm,God has not made us Judge,my own opinion is that men of God are servant of God and are meant to be respected and not worshipped.Offering for building of universities is not compulsory!But giving to the man of God is commanded by God and must be duely followed anything the money is used for is non of my business.

  8. Hear, all of you that have ears. The word of God was given to us all. Your pastor is a servant of God as you are, and should be respected as such. Its unfortunate that many christians choose to tie their fortunes to the ones that lead them. God guide your people.

  9. Clearly you're a fan of pastor worship, this was a very good article

  10. Nice article; it tells the truth as it is. But will most Nigerian religious fanatics (Christians & Muslims) listen and practice the suggested ways that we do things for the good of all? Nigeria is a religious but Godless society. If we apply most of the good virtues that we are taught in churches & mosques in our daily lives, Nigeria will be an eldorado. But being shameless hypocrites; we go to churches or mosques only to return from such 'holy' places into our perfidious, corruption-ridden and morally bankrupt lifestyles. With the way things are going, if we don't change for good soon, Nigeria will be doomed, Nigeria & Nigerians will remain the laughing stock of the world.

  11. People are entitled to their views/opinions and are free to share. An ear that needs to hear and eyes that need to see will appreciate…if it hurts you, then i feel you have some guilt of some sort!

    No-sense, all in the name of religion. Anyway, judgement has set in…let us all conquer our weaknesses.

  12. Hian!

    Are people not entitled to their opinions again?

    There's Economist, Harvard Business Review, Tell, Encomium, Sahara Reporters. Choose what you want to read.

  13. Again, another 'Nigerian' style article filled with sweeping and popular beer palour commentary which cannot be substantiated by the writer. I'm getting sicker and sicker of this disease in Nigerian writing.

    When are we going to have only writers who measure their words in this country getting published? Must anything put forward get published just because it's an 'opinion' piece?!!!

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