#BBNaija 2019: A ranking of your favourite housemates for the week. Guess who is at number 1?

With Jeff evicted on Sunday night and hence thinning the number of housemates in the house, this season of Big Brother Naija geared towards another not-so-surprising twist yesterday – no housemate was put for eviction this week and so everyone can breathe a sigh of relief.

That said, in this piece, we rank your favourite housemates (no offence to the new ones) based on performance and likeability in the past week, from the bottom to the top. Let’s go.

Warning: this is purely a subjective view and judgments would be influenced by my biases.

8. Seyi

Although he has now been installed as the Head of House for this week, Seyi’s intelligence has been a luminous aspect of his personality.

He is the grandson of the late politician Obafemi Awolowo and this status has been like a halo on his head, partly attractive and rendering him as a subject for scrutiny.

When he decided not to use his veto power in the third week which automatically put him on the chopping block for eviction, there was a certain martyrdom about it that simultaneously perplexed and appealed to people.

But his anti-feminist views sticks out like a sore thumb from arguments with the female housemates.

Grandstanding on his inability to imagine a society where women are equal to men is what I find worrisome, because he is living in a house with women and this means that sexism and misogyny would shape his interactions with them.

7. Mercy

On the Saturday parties, Mercy comes alive in skin-tight party outfits that has rendered her a thing of objectification by male viewers of the show.

Her relationship with Ike was sketchy at first but it looks like it has taken on definition. Go Mercy.

6. Ike

Ike has the personality of a stock American gangster in movies and last night, in a conversation with Sir Dee, Mike, Tacha, Khafi and Diane, he casually spoke about his anger issue while eating pasta.

His Americaness brings a dimension to the show in the context of becoming a glimpse into the lives of Nigerians in the diaspora. He may act like a jerk sometimes, but he has struck a chord with viewers.

Photo: BigBroNaija/Twitter

5. Gedoni

Gedoni’s early days in the house was bland and nondescript but when his relationship with Khafi started to take form, there was a sudden aura of confidence around him.

Everyone knows his relationship with Khafi is manipulative and insincere, which recently was fraught with the friction caused by new housemates Venita.

But last night showed that they are back together, whatever that means.

Pairing himself up with one of the smartest housemate – which has been the main source of the show’s sexual content – has strategically given Gedoni a sharp, competitive status. But whatever.

Photo: BigBroNaija/Twitter

4. Omashola

Omashola is as Nigerian as they come – loud, opinionated and recklessly unhinged.

He’s been a strong competitor since the show started and has been able to galvanise online fan support.

He recently just escaped eviction, coming up third with 27.8% that had Jeff eliminated with the least votes.

His presence is always quietly pulsing with drama, and there’s a feeling that he’d be one of the finalists in the end.

3. Tacha

Tacha is the literal slay queen Nigerian men love to hate, despise, and troll vitriol at because she luxuriates in her autonomy and doesn’t care what anyone thinks.

She has amassed fervent online support from viewers, and comparisons have been drawn between her and Cee-C from last season.

Two weeks ago, when the show’s host Ebuka Obi-Uchendu tried to make her look stupid and it backfired, Tacha’s popularity took a spike and she’s one of the top favorites to win this season.

2. Khafi

Khafi’s presence on the show still reassures me that a female housemate can win the competition, given the early shocking scare of four female housemates evicted then.

She matches her intelligence with her fun, unbridled disposition, and has shown skills in presenting and acting which will prove valuable if she decides to pursue a career in entertainment.

That said, her love for Gedoni is her Achilles’ heel and many viewers are hoping she would one day discard him and focus squarely on the game.

Photo: BigBroNaija/Twitter


1. Mike

I’m still trying to work out why many viewers love Mike.

Then again, yesterday, I was watching the show and found myself falling for him.

It’s incredibly obvious that his likeability draws from his good looks (I know a lot of people want to sit on his face), the adorable awkwardness when he tries to oscillate between his foreignness and Nigerianess.

Also, his capably athletic body.

But Mike has shown he isn’t just a pretty face.

He’s competitive in tasks and activities and I have heard him dispense good advice more than once.



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