Dele Momodu: A desperate memo to President Buhari

by Dele Momodu

 Sir, let me say right away that the goodwill garnered during your campaigns and the jubilation that heralded your recent victory are fast fading and you need to, as a matter of urgency, convince the people of Nigeria that you’re now ready to hit the ground running.

Your Excellency, I write to you today with a heavy heart. The reason should be obvious. I was one of those latter day converts to Buharism, a political philosophy that believes in the reincarnation of former leaders in the days of tribulation. You were never the first man to resurrect from retirement and near political oblivion. General Olusegun Obasanjo bounced back from prison to Aso Rock Villa. In nearby Benin Republic, former military dictator and strongman, Mathieu Kerekou who had served as maximum ruler for about 17 incredible years, came back to defeat incumbent President , Nicephore Soglo in a 1990 election. He led his country for another ten years and almost got another five-year term but for the age barrier that disqualified him.

It is normal for Africans to run towards the wise elders of the village when trouble comes knocking. That is one of the major reasons Nigerians in their millions voted with their feet and thumbs to elect you President. Many of those who supported you did so for several other reasons and you must understand that they were mainly not members of your political party, APC. So, apart from your age, they backed you because they believed in your impeccable pedigree as an incorruptible and honourable man, a strict disciplinarian, a Scrooge who would not fritter away our meagre resources, a scourge of rogues and prodigal sons, a metamorphosed tyrant now a born-again democrat, and so on and so forth. Nigerians ardently placed their hopes in you and fervently prayed you won’t disappoint them. This is the principal reason I have decided to send you this desperate memo today before some despicable politicians tarnish your hard-earned reputation and truncate this beautiful chance again.

Sir, let me say right away that the goodwill garnered during your campaigns and the jubilation that heralded your recent victory are fast fading and you need to, as a matter of urgency, convince the people of Nigeria that you’re now ready to hit the ground running. They are not going to listen to excuses since you had 30 years after quitting the high office to onerously prepare for the job again. For them it is immaterial that you met an empty treasury or that you are mostly surrounded by selfish, corruptive influences and impostors. As I mentioned in my earlier epistles to you, Nigerians have become totally impatient and what they expect of you is tantamount to performing the miracle of turning water into wine or raising Lazarus from the dead. You cannot afford to waste any second before displaying the sterner stuff you’re reputed to be made of.

I had encouraged you not to be afraid of taking charge of the Party that brought you to power or tackling the politicians that claimed to have helped you in the process. I had imagined that you know the ways of our politicians by now and thought you knew how to handle them. I had told you matter-of-factly that you may have to step on some powerful toes in order to achieve anything tangible. The worst that may likely happen is for people to say and accuse you of dictatorial proclivity which won’t be new in your lexicon or to be threatened with impeachment and all-what-not. But trust me, no evil shall befall you for as long as you carry the people along in your crusade and do not pander to the whims and caprices of members of the privilegentsia.

There is no doubt that the present imbroglio in your Party is as a result of your lukewarm attitude to Party issues thinking you could merely concentrate on nation-building while others deal with political intrigues. However, it is not always as simple as that. As you can now see, you don’t seem to be on the same page with your Party. While you were busy agonising over the myriad of problems besetting Nigeria, many of your presumed disciples were busy fighting over positions and control of power the way babies squabble over lollipops. They have studiously forgotten the change mantra and the huge expectations that made the electorate to troop out in droves and cast their votes for you and the Party.

The moment you became the President-elect, you should have readied your manacles for all would-be trouble makers. You should have sent out a powerful message to those politicians who may wish to act above the law. But the moment you appeared ready to abdicate some of your leadership responsibilities to them, the obvious lacuna gave them the needed impetus to take charge and cut you adrift. Your political advisers, if any, should have prepared you for the offensive. There is no way you are going to fight and survive the battle ahead if the political class see you as a man they can easily bully. You cannot sit on the fence. Whilst your decision not to interfere in the affairs of another arm of Government, the legislature, is commendable and indeed your constitutional duty, you must make it clear to your Party that the same non-interference must apply to them.

Our people may have voted for your Party but they also voted for the individuals that the Party entrusted its mandate to including you. Just as there is a limit to how the Party can control you in the exercise of your executive functions and those you choose to assist you in the fulfilment of those functions, so also must you tell the Party chieftains that there is a limit as to how much the leadership structure and duties of the legislative arm can be controlled. If you are ambiguous about this, then you are inviting your Party leadership to write a letter to you categorically stating not only those you must appoint as your Ministers and Special Advisers but also those that you must not work with under any guise. I am sure you would not tolerate that. In the same vein you must not tolerate Party interference in the legislature. Change has come, please imbibe it!

In essence it is incumbent on you to deal with the issues arising from tensions created by party supremacy, parliamentary democracy and above all constitutionality. There is a delicate balance to be struck between these competing interests though constitutionality must eventually prevail. However, even constitutionality is subordinated to national interest, because that is the most important interest of all.

Your Party has a lot to learn from the tragedy which was invited upon itself by advertence of the former ruling Party, PDP. As a mark of respect to your status and office, your Party should have adopted your instinct and temperament immediately you conceded that the elections of principal officers at the National Assembly were “somewhat constitutional.” Even if internally aggrieved, like mortals may invariably be, your Party hierarchy should not have washed their dirty linen in public knowing the full implications of the backlash that might splash and smear your collective image. APC should have done what PDP failed to do when Governor Rotimi Amaechi won the Chairmanship of the Nigeria Governors’ Forum by instantly recognising the leadership of the National Assembly while seeking ways to ameliorate the unfortunate saga. No reasonable parent would voluntarily kill a recalcitrant child. There is always another opportunity for penitence and atonement.

I expected the crisis to escalate once the warring factions stuck arrogantly to their positions and neither was ready to bulge. Had APC accepted its fate with equanimity, I’m certain this peculiar mess would have been exterminated. Had Saraki and Dogara shown magnanimity in victory some of the truculent malice expressed by certain leaders may have also been mellowed.

Say what you will, the PDP had its fair dose of political migraine and rambunctiousness but it accepted certain realities and moved on. The ones they failed to accept led to their cataclysmic fall. The mutually destructive suspicion in APC should have been nipped in the bud for your sake. The burden you currently carry is heavier than an elephant and I don’t think you need or deserve this kind of nuisance distraction. The leadership of the National Assembly should also calm down by reaching out to their angry Party chieftains. There is nothing to gain in fighting a perennial war. Once upon a time, they were all friends and members of the same family. It is never too late to embrace peace and reunite. Now that we know what the bone of contention is, no one should be victimised for belonging to whatever factions that exist.

I have read endless arguments for and against the pugilists in APC and my candid advice is that you need to appoint your cabinet and aides now. The sooner you assemble and send forth your foot-soldiers the better for our polity to begin the healing process. Right now our nation appears to be rudderless and floundering and this should not be the case. What is left for you to do is to quickly bring all the gladiators together and see how you can apply some balm on frayed nerves. The Federal Government has humongous largesse to disburse so it should not be too difficult to appease the juggernauts. When that is sorted, you should draw your own plans and let your people know your roadmap. Your job would be much easier if you surround yourself with people who can look at you straight in the eye and say the truth no matter how bitter. Most of our leaders failed because they fell victims of sweet-talking scammers.

It is very essential that your Party sees and embrace you as their father and not the other way round. Whether you like it or not, and whether others in your Party want to accept it or not, you are the de facto national leader of your Party. You are the President and Commander in Chief of our country. Yes, you ARE the capo di tutti capi. You therefore cannot be subservient to any other person. You must immediately take upon this role and assume that mantle. Please feel free to lay down the law and if occasion demands, enforce our law. That is what leaders do. Ambivalence or hesitancy will simply not do! You have the next four years minus one month and time is ticking away dutifully.

Equally important is the fact that you are more of a social crusader than a politician and your Party ought to note this fact and understand that it can’t be business as usual. Your Party leveraged on your uncommon reputation to gain POWER. Sir, you can’t afford to evaporate such stupendous equity just like that. You have demonstrated enough tolerance but the time has come to repudiate our propensity for rascality.

The task ahead is so gargantuan and it would require all hands to be on deck. At the risk of sounding like a broken record, I reiterate that the first priority, apart from national security, should be how to reduce the atrocious costs of running government in Nigeria. Until you achieve that sir, the Muhammed Alis of Nigeria will never stop their boxing tournaments in parliaments and elsewhere. The fight is for cash and not for any selfless services. Many won’t bother to contest if they think it is not lucrative. I don’t know how you plan to do this but it has to be done somehow and thankfully there are many methods that you can deploy. I’m glad you hope to retrieve some of the stolen billions. You need some serious cash, Sir. The challenges ahead would dissipate if you can raise the finances needed to tackle them.

I trust that God has deliberately raised you up at this time as a veritable example to mankind that being honest is not a crime and we have a lot to learn and cheer from your miraculous victory. May God help you to carry this cross successfully.

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  1. The President Should be given time to gather momentum.

  2. Yoruba people please keep quite and accept the truth on the ground, Saraki has emerged as the Senate President and there is nothing anyone can do about it, Tinubu is a Big time loser and he needs to go back to his drawing board, National Assembly position is not Lagos state he controlled and made his Governors looks like an ape. Soon you will be seeking for GEJ advice and forgiveness for the bad alliance against him. PMB I am happy for you as you have respected yourself to stay out of National Assembly and allow them to elect there own Senate and Speak. Kudos to you. IF APC continue with this madness, please defect to another opposition party . take my kind advice.

  3. 2 Chronicles 7:14 AMP

    If My people, who are called by My name, shall humble themselves, pray, seek, crave, and require of necessity My face and turn from their wicked ways, then will I hear from heaven, forgive their sin, and heal their land.

  4. D issue here is saraki..he’s a betrayal nd 4 such significant performance he’s not wordy of such position so also Dogoara

  5. Hammed Bayan. Honestly, I was thinking that by June 1st Monday, 2015, WAR AGAINST INDISCIPLINE would have commenced on the inauguration of President Muhammadu Buhari after May 29th.

  6. Seriously Dele knows his onion and I love him and believe in all his constructive criticism. He is indeed an intellect with justification.

  7. Victor Lamai has said it all. Thanks to him. Great person with the right brain. This are people whe need at affairs in our country. In plain words and to counter attack the already established gospel Dele Momodu is preaching that the APC or leadership of the APC is interfering in the matters of the National Assembly for selfish reasons maybe money or whatever!. That’s a deliberate lie!. And to mean Interfering is another deliberate lie on their personality!. National Assembly might be another arm of government, but it’s under a government, one government, Nigerian government!. So to position it like it’s out of party matters is a sin!. Anything being achieved by a true government, true in its deeds is achieved via the National Assembly!. Not like some Jonathanian government that boycotted the National Assembly or bought them!. APC knows there are many challenges and any success that will be achieved and that will be attributed as the Party’s performance after four years is relative to the National Assembly composition and decisiveness!. Even the spoiling of the Nation by the PDP is relative to the National Assembly make up by them!. So they (The APC) are being careful by awarding all these key positions to their trusted performers and their worthy people! based on the zones. And you see their fear when the people they have not awarded or chosen when to go and align with the very Nation destroyers mostly voted again by the foolish amongst ones to boycott and subdue their mates and pose to power!. These people (APC and it’s good lawmakers) did not trust them. And lets wait and see how the results of their (newly elected National assembly leaders) law-making will be. Buhari will of sure find it difficult with them. And he knows. No meaningful president prays for that!. So what did Dele Momodu terms as Interfering?. What’s his closeness with Saraki’s group?. That he wants to do his quota?

  8. If Saraki has contested on another platform apart from the APC, he would have been a Senator, garnered more votes for Jonathan, but Buhari will still be president. But He Saraki will never be Senate president. Then where is his Ambition?. Same goes to Dogoara!. Dele momody purposely turned his eyes away from truths to wanna achieve something.

  9. I don’t understand why people clamors to have ministers in place ASAP and complain about the president not hitting the ground running. I am afraid the president has to assess the situation the best way he could and make sure that those who are likely to be in the top jobs needs to be accountable and well as being selfless. As a matter of fact,running a country of 170 million people and counting, with a mountain of needs require pragmatism and doses of retroactive approach where measure control is a basic sensitive thing to do. The era of bang! bang!! politics should be confined to history. Nigerians are no fools, they know that what the country need is profound reforms and a stabilization of progressive approach in addressing issues. Belgium did not have government for a long time it still runs. The need to move forward should not be a hasty order, I do not think he wants to make the mistakes of the past where reactive approach has led to monumental errors. Those who spent their entire time criticizing Jonathan as inactive could now be able to reassess their view of governance. The president is doing what he should do, take his time to come up with the team that will change Nigeria for the better. This cannot be done in a haste because the problem is more complex. So, leave him alone. He was elected and in 3 years and few months we should be able to assess our understanding of what he set out to do and how much he would have achieved.

  10. sure dele momodu woudnt write such. forget it. we all understand that a nation that has suffered so much damage for 16yrs cant be rebuilt in a few days.

  11. This party was assembled at all cost to tackle the former govt and never believed they would find themselves where they are today. When you ride on the back of lions, get involved in propaganda and even sabotage operations like the Chibok scam to get to power this is what you get. The opposition sowed a seed to ridicule the PDP in the 7th Assembly, why the volte face and rancour when the seed they planted now gave birth in the 8th Assembly. The sooner, the so called national leader of the party and God father to the President realizes that he can’t eat his cake and have it this time, the better for him or else these folks would keep the infightings till 2019.

  12. Dele Momodu’s article is spot on. A little premature maybe but definitely not out of place. GMB obviously doesn’t know how to play to the gallery like an average politician otherwise he would have taken certain actions like sacking the EFCC boss for instance and the whole country would have sat up, and even hailed him but I’m willing to wait and see. Nigerians shouldn’t give up yet. It’s early days.

  13. The journey just began, let’s give them some time to balance up.

  14. Saraki is the problem here and not the president.. Dele Momodu should talk to him as a friend to forget his desperate ambition nd let ds country move on.

  15. From my opinion what Dele said is right. But it not achievable in a truly democratic setting . Except you to practice fake democracy like some of our francophones countries in Africa

  16. Dele is right Nigerians expect to see
    some actions by now from pmb.

  17. Egbon Dele, u are striking me a sycophant. Anyway, I’m not surprised.

  18. ”if you’ve lost faith in President Buhari, it’s either you never had it or you lack the patience required for the collective nation building”…………Nasir El – Rufa’i.

  19. Dele shut up and find somewhere to hide your fucking advice. No ministry for you to handle in this PMB government. If you want to build a house don’t you plan first please allow the president to plan thoroughly and put good things in place.

  20. I don’t understand how Nigerians expect so much from an illiterate president

    1. How daft, leadership is not entirely abt education. What nigeria needs is the unrepentant courage to end corruption at all levels. Period.

  21. I believe PMB is already overwhelmed by what he met on grounds. However, he should not have been surprised by the atrocities committed by the last administration. He needs to hit the ground running but he must first of all call Sahari and his cohorts to order! They are biting the hands that fed them and it is morally wrong even if it is constitutionally right. Above all, they should know and believe in the Supremacy of the Party!

    1. Are you saying Tinubu fed Saraki? How ignorant can you be?

  22. Bro Dele, are you advising PMB to settle the mohammadu Alis who constitute the current NASS.
    Once upon a time the head of a certain development organization advised Nigerian government that the best way to balance equation in governance is for the ruling or now governing political party to share leadership positions with its opposition parties at all levels.
    PMB should appoint his colleagues who contested with him for the position of this humble position as ministers and special advisers in his government.
    I can assure you that high tension in our nations will reduce and sources of power supply will not be able not burn our utilities.

    1. As you can see from my write up above, the fire was burning in my brain. but I want to repeat correctly this time that ” PMB should appoint his colleagues who contested with him for this humble position of service to mankind, as ministers and special advisers in his government.
      I can assure you that the current high tension in our national polity will reduce and then the sources of power supply in our country will not be able to burn our utilities”.

  23. Wateva! U ppl west n north, has neva seen anything good coming frm d east n south south… u ppl schemed, using propaganda to xpel Goodluck jonathan, promising heaven n earth.. nw u cnt deliver… am sure dis zoo is coming to end with d myraids of issues emanating frm everywhere… on Biafra I stand! Free Biafra, cos this zoo was founded on falsehood!

  24. Dele Momodu, i guess you want to be held, i dont know why you are putting undue pressure on buhari when you know from the beginning that buhari is not the right man for the job. don’t worry in the next 4 years you cry blood. God gave us the best president ever(PGEJ) but you all conived to blackmailed him out of office. we nigerians that know the truth and posterity will never forget you

  25. Since 2000, no talk of use of sharia criminal codes and courts again in northern Nigeria – until Buhari became president and Kano state started sharia criminal courts all over again and sentenced 9 Nigerians to death last week.

    Twelve northern states caused uproar in 2000 when they adopted use of sharia criminal codes. The world condemned it, Fight that followed in Nigeria about that sharia killed hundreds of Nigerians. The 12 states retreated with their sharia. Now they have come again with Buhari as president.

  26. south east doesn’t know d way 4ward

  27. Dele Momodu please go and sit down. In fact have a stadium full of seats. Do you think overhauling the mess PMB inherited is the same as running Ovation your photo album that was called a magazine? Please just keep quiet, we the Nigerian people do not want to hear from you.

  28. This is very glaring that all these politician fighting for position do not love their country rather they yearn for the position to enmass wealth at the detriment of poor masses. There is always causes attached to every actions of leaders that failed to do the desire of people that voted them into power. If they do it well peace will follow them if otherwise they will all reap otherwise. How can you have peace when you are sharing billion of naira and average Nigeria cannot avoid two meal per day. They all travelled out of the country for vacation and courses to safe money in the foreign ban account which be clouded the face and mind to see what they can replicate in their father land. They fight for power because they were born with golden spoon, President Obama was raise by a single mother but became the president of America. Where are we going after 53 years of fruitless running of a nation. Many resourceful brains are running out of their father land because they cannot continue to fight with hoodlums.
    The political tugs are guiding the pipeline, what trust do we have in them. The armed robbers are killing even the police escort in Lekki, we so no concern. Young lady selling fish aspiring to be a future professional, her life truncated by so called robbers. Nigerian politician do not have value for life, despite they want to be power by all mean either by skeeming or democratic coup detat. We have learnt our lesson from neighboring country ( Sierra leone, Egypt) where their leaders. American pays for their internal security for their citizens, they developed a system called social security allowance for the hoodlums and less privilege ones, equipped their police and them competitive salary package to mention but few.
    All parties should bury their axes and focus on moving nation forward. Nigerian demoncratic performance is triger for other Africa nation.
    Politician go back to bed and rethink of what you can do for your country and not what you can take from your country. If it is fear of tomorrow, they develop a retirement package for yourselve, if that can be an incentive for you not enmassing wealth that you cannot finish spending during your life time. There is no system in world that is sanity free but they manage it and is not know to electorate, otherway is our country Nigeria.
    We are begging you all, to let the people with right spirit and sound mind set run Nigeria. We are tired of sugar coated politician with all their mirage promises, people have realised the result of their gimmick, they will definitely fight back if you failed them this time.
    All you adviser writing because you want them hear you for political position, please keep your advices. Are you not in the same boat eith them whem they are driving the country to point of no return? Why cannt you resign from your affliation with them.
    Enough is enough, no more political war, we all want a country that we can be proud of.
    God bless Nigerian,
    God bless united states of Nigeria.

  29. Muslims do not carry cross lol, buhari cannot carry the cross.

  30. The opinion of PMB,a more Reliable person..! so,please,lick your wounds,but don’t make it a national issue. Nigerians know their patriots! Any good plan or design is based on a thorough study or investigation of the system

  31. APC has shown they are really not prepared for the victory and in fact for the so called CHANGE, , the national assembly has gone for another 3 or 4 weeks , and ministerials list not sent yet, things are stagnant in the nations, we are been patient, what APC said was that they will hit the ground runnjing but now they only hitting the ground fighting.

  32. I think the law of nemesis is catching up with all of them. They all knew that Jonathan was good but was just unfortunate to be the president when Nigeria was in a mess, but they went ahead to blame him for the sins of other past presidents, but God was watching them all. I LOVE THE WHOLE DRAMA.

  33. Mr Dele, please stop your grammar that can put mr president into problems, this is democracy and not military government, Buhari had been allerged by several people as a dictator, should mr president continues as a dictatorship or as democratically elected president?, mr Dele kindly allow mr president better time to plan. Who fails to plan , plan to fail. Thanks

  34. It’s surprising how people are expecting much from Buhari.
    So surprising.

  35. Why are Nigerians anxious about Presidium Buhari’s deliberative leadership approach? He can’t move forward until 10 Downing Street and Kano give him the go ahead!

  36. We should not stampede the President into making rash decisions or embarking on crash programmes.
    Any good plan or design is based on a thorough study or investigation of the old system.

    1. Stampede? This is laughable. You have no clue at all.

    2. So what has he been doing all this while he has been campaigning to be president ? He didn’t study the system. It’s a shame that Buhari will deceive Nigerian’s with claims of dissolving the NNPC board. The board dissolves by itself once the Minister of petroleum is changed. It has nothing to do with Buhari. Smh

  37. I believe the president should at this point interfere in the national assemble saga because it will eventually affect his administration and in turn Nigerians. Mr. President please act or Nigeria will be axed!

  38. I can understand Dele’s concern. I’m sure it’s is quite genuine out of patriotism . Pls do not mind those people calling you names, I hope PMB is listening and act immediately . A stitch in time saves nine.

  39. In all fairness Nigerians voted for and quite honestly expect miracles.My only area of concern in Dele’s letter is the part where party supremacy and wishes become interference is repugnant to natural justice that you can ride a donkey into glory but scorn and abandon soon after.There is no where in the world the party is not interested in the composition of its legislative leadership. There is nowhere in the democratic world that a president is not interested in who emerges legislative leader and what party controls the legislative arm where is programmes and policies will be analysed , approved or midigied.It is suicide to think otherwise no matter how glorious your programs and policies are. A strong example is the Obama Care , which is a fundamentally good and people oriented programme that millions of Americans are benefiting from but has been through many revisions , litigation and legislative brutality not only because the control of the house of representatives are not republicans but because there is so much bad blood between Mr. John Boehner and President Obama.
    In conclusion the few steps and utterances coming from Mr Buhari so far cannot and do not engender any confidence in his brilliance, vision or any sign of the miracles of our dreams. This may be the reason he had to announce the dissolution of the board of NNPC to give the impression that he is on top of things.Such contrived deceit is what we thought we had gotten rid off.Since the board of the NNPC statutorily stands dissolved already since the retirement of the former petroleum minister.Such deceit is not a good sign at all.We are still waiting for concrete meaningful directions from our Commander in chief.

  40. Am not surprised at what’s going on. Orji. I agree with u. Anything founded on falsehood cannot stand. The West is in for serous shock. The West-North marriage can never work and has never worked. South East is a major player in Nigeria. If u leave us out, this country can’t move fwd.

    1. You left yourselves out. My brother and be rest assured that Nigeria can do without you.Dele momodu never made any mistake for supporting the general and ins j a Allah he will never regret it.Those of you who never see anything wrong in the way Jonathan ruin Nigeria will be disappointed foever because Nigeria will be great once again.God brought Buhari for a purpose and the purpose is positive so better think positive in your own interest.Bro Dele thank you for that letter.

      1. Well said, thank u Ahmed

  41. Saraki apologist,you will surely cry till you die.Nothing for sycophant.

  42. Dele, the unpardonable mistake you have made concerning the political practitioners in Nigeria is to have trusted in anyone of them, trusting in human being? Maybe you can heed my advice of exercising a little patience and wait for how things unfold. I am sure, you would have learnt your lessons as a guide henceforth.


  44. You castigated and destroyed perfect God Exellent Joy PGEJ and opted for permanent Malfunction Briain PMB.. You have to deal with and keep calm and watch the worst happen.

  45. Bubbles burst the evil men did
    leaves after them.
    Dele you ain’t part of the party loyalties oolong.
    So forget those goodies.

  46. Mr Momodu, why display this level of impatience? Recall your sarcastic valedictory write up to Former President Jonathan,less than three weeks ago? If I recall correctly,you described PMB In superlative terms,while demonizing Jonathan! What has changed within this short period? Or,is because you could not be appointed presidential spokesperson as you schemed?….well,it seems Femi Adeshina was in the opinion of PMB,a more Reliable person..! so,please,lick your wounds,but don’t make it a national issue. Nigerians know their patriots!

    1. Ode ni e. Did you use sense to read the article at all? Your comment reads like you didn’t go to school. Perhaps you didn’t. Stop commenting for comments sake abeg!

    2. What a foolish comment..did you read the article at all? Or you merely commented based on pure hatred/envy for the person of Dele Momodu

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