Gov. Dickson sure has a thing for under-age girls too – and more, in today’s news roundup with Cheta Nwanze

by Cheta Nwanze

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….Bayelsa etibo, Dickson, shows it is not only Yerima that has a thing for under-age girls as he appoints an 18 year old SA (has she even started university?), who’s only qualification is that she looks good in a bikini.

To be honest, I don’t mind the occasional “spam” message. Heck, I’m as guilty as sin when it comes to spamming people through all the channels that our connected world has to offer, I just haven’t reached Tumbler yet. However, when you chose to spam me, please do not waste my time.

On this child marriage issue, there is a whole lot of ignorance going around, so as a public service, this education by Egghead Odewale should go some way in clearing the misconceptions of at least those who are willing to learn.

Back in the day, when I worked at NEXT, I wrote an open letter to a Senator regarding the whole shabazz. The relevant section of our law says, “Any person who has unlawful carnal knowledge of a girl under the age of thirteen years is guilty of a felony, and is liable to imprisonment for life, with or without caning.” That VERY clearly places our age of consent at thirteen. To defeat Yerima and his ilk, we should first educate ourselves, rather than just making noise, which will just pass away.

However, the real question we should be asking, is not about a law, which when we are indeed ready to get our acts together can be repealed/changed. The real question we should be asking is about the quality of our legislators. And when it transpires that an unhealthy chunk of these legislators have wacked some ridiculous amounts of dosh in the last two years with nothing to show for it, and their constituents are not up in arms asking that they should be recalled, then you know that we are indeed very unready.

Quote of the Day

“As long as you are the Most Beautiful Girl in Nigeria 2013, you will be my Special Assistant on Culture and Tourism” – Bayelsa etibo, Dickson, shows it is not only Yerima that has a thing for under-age girls as he appoints an 18 year old SA (has she even started university?), who’s only qualification is that she looks good in a bikini. While the rest of you choke on your morning coffee, I can only thank Dickson for proving the uselessness of the whole SA gig. Now off to find the nearest petition against Dickson…

Bits and Bobs

ASUU vows to keep the kids at home for much longer. Given what 35 guys have earned in two years for doing nothing, I am in full support.

Despite the “end” of the NLNG/NIMASA face-off a week ago, cooking gas prices still remain at double their pre-face-off levels. What goes up…

Five people were shuffled off the mortal coil in Lagos yesterday as the building in which they were taking refuge from the not-so-nice weather fell on their heads.

For those of you who have plans of going to Brazil next year to admire the fine lasses on Copacabana Beach, and watch some footie in between, you would do well to bring out your calculators first. E go cost o!

Right of Reply

F wrote,

Re: Nkiru Emodi

“We can’t have Islamic laws that are barbaric and against good conscience”.

Please enlighten yourself before you refer to my religion as barbaric.
1st of all, I don’t in any way support what the Ahmed Yerima led crime against the girl child decision of the senate. Its outrageous and it must be stopped.

Allow me to educate you a little…. The great USA (of which is not of the ‘barbaric’ Islamic influence) has the state of New Hampshire legally allowing 13yr old girls to marry with the consent of their parents.
I find that disgusting but I will not insult Christianity. I have too much respect for prophet Isa (Jesus). Individuals voted and passed the law. Not Christianity.

So, pls fight the people who try to manipulate situations using religious sentiments albeit twisted to their own interests and not Islam.

Assalamu Alaikum (Peace be upon you)

Chxta responds (on behalf of Nkiru),

F, one aspect in which I am disappointed in you, and a lot of my Muslim friends is that you all run for cover when munafeeqs such as Yerima sully the name of your religion, then come out all defensive when non-Muslims take your apparent silence to mean consent.

You might want to take the path treaded by people such as Maryam Uwais who vigorously campaigned against Yerima’s marriage to the 13 (now 15) year old in the first place.



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  1. Always know about what u say bcause silence is best anwser for a full. Must u abuse any relegion,do what u know is right in your relegion and stop envy others.How dare u forbid when GOD(ALLAH) don’t. Pls be careful and may GOD(ALLAH)guide and bless all of us.Ameen!

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