Ink Edwards: Happy discomfort (30 Days, 30 Voices)

by Ink Edwards

  aa inkk

My mentor, M.I, once said to me,‘’To make it in this industry, you have to be special’’

Finally, I got a moment to start writing this (insert smile). Even though I know it’ll take me a few more days to complete this, I’m glad I’ve started. Apologies to the beautiful people at YNaija, I know it’s a bit late in. I’ve been in a jam, spent the weekend in Ogun state for a show and then got back to Lagos for another. It’s the life right now, everything I hoped and wished for. Well, I’ll call this “happy discomfort”, as that really defines my moment and hopefully someone gains from this.

Just so we get to know each other as you read through this, I’ll do my best to have my hand out the entire length and let you understand the thought process behind every line. Now, I’m sitting alone in the studio with a glass of “forget it all momentarily”, I have just concluded my findings about “ponzi” schemes, not like I have plans to be a fraudster, but I have a growing interest in investments and floating businesses, so it’s just to be informed.

Okay, now the music… I have spent the last five years of my life working on music. It’s been crazy, I have learnt, I have grown, I have made friends and great forever connections, I have lost friends and slipped off with people I thought I’d grow old with, I have been up, I have been down, I have felt elation, I’ve been broken, I have kissed success (a lot), I have had dates with disappointment. It’s been a mix of everything, but growth has been constant. I strive every single day to get better, I’d sit on that verse till it feels right, and I’d rework that hook till I love it. I’m my “most expectant fan”, most people would say “biggest critic”. I constantly push myself to do more.

Recently, things have been amazing. I’m doing things I love, I’m done with schooling (not education). I’m a graduate of marine science from the University of Lagos (anytime I say that, I picture my mum smile in my head). I’m saving better and I still got Y.O.L.O moments. People know the music, my family is doing very well, I’m headed to music school in a moment and I’m enjoying every single day right now with my favourite people in the world.

I’m happy… but the knowledge of the several levels ahead leaves me uncomfortable. I wake up every morning like I have done nothing. Rookie of the year, right? How about artiste of the year? (that sounds better). Friends, this is why I won’t rest, this is why I’ll spend 4 nights a week in the studio, singing my heart out. This is why I’ll stay up every other night doing my voice training, this is why when I get on stage I’ll treat it like it’s the last time… that’s it people, happy discomfort. I’m living every dream I had in 2009, but I got new dreams now. My mentor, M.I, once said to me,‘’To make it in this industry, you have to be special’’.

A friend of mine once asked if I was serious about music or I just wanted a job, I said I wanted music. He said ‘’Okay, so music and maybe a side business to make a bit more, that’s how you want to live?”, I said yes. Then he said, ‘’but you’re so young you can still work, why don’t you want a bank job or a proper 9-5? You can make a whole lot steadily.”. I replied, ‘’that’s not how I want to die”.

Friends, never rest, never settle for average … Be epic. Measure your successes with people you admire and look up to, you can be them, even better.  That’s all I got people … gotta run.

I appreciate my second family-Ain’t Nothin Illa ent. (A.N.I Ent), they’ve helped me every single step of this journey. To you all, my friends (I still don’t say fans) who love the music we make, thank you very much, you inspire me to do more. Take care.


Ink Edwards


Ink Edwards is a Nigerian musician. He won the Headies for Rookie of the year in 2013.

30 Days 30 Voices series is an opportunity for young Nigerians from across the world to share their stories and experiences – creating a meeting point where our common humanity is explored.

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