Japheth Omojuwa: United vampires versus Divided good men (YNaija Frontpage)

The Future Award Symposium is also a positive I picked recently. You can never have any good relationship without talking.

It has not been all bad news for Nigeria these past few days. It is not all about Senators who have had a stomach full who now want to have more just to prove to Nigerians that their path to becoming Senators had nothing to do with democracy but sheer rigging birth in a pseudo-democratic process.

Not everyone rigged his way to the National Assembly, but whoever really went into our inner cities to genuinely campaign would have seen enough poverty to decide that he’d never take a kobo more out of the common wealth of our people. It has also not been all about the Permanent Secretary who kept N2 billion in his bedroom, money just about the same amount the whole country sets aside to fight poverty through NAPEP all year.

There were good things that took place I could not miss especially as I needed to be purge of the anger brought about by the brigands in power.

A group of young Nigerians (BEACONS) went to Karu village on the outskirts of Abuja with their hoes, cutlasses, rakes and all. They cleaned up the whole place wearing their masks and other gears. These were all graduates and gainfully employed young people. They took advocacy where it belongs. That is something I am proud to be a part of. We will enlighten our people but we must make them see we are truly one and same.

The Future Awards Symposium is also a positive I picked recently. You can never have any good relationship without talking. We have started talking and I know this will not be for nothing. Others noticed the shortcomings of the event and went to town to cry. I noticed mine and would work with the organisers to make it better. It is the very first edition, it can only get better.

The Future Awards Symposium

Nigerians are supposed to be divided by ethnic colourations and religious affiliations. A Hausa Muslim friend and a Yoruba Christian friend are the biggest donors from my own end of raising money to help a young Nigerian (Igbo) boy who has been kept down by a leg that’d hurt you just by looking at it let alone being the one to carry it. When I tweeted without mentioning him referring to him as Hausa, he mailed me to say “I am a Nigerian” not Hausa. I believe him because it takes a Nigerian to give N60,000 to a Yoruba man for the upkeep of an Igbo man.

Those of us who see divisions amongst Nigerians are the ones looking through the eyes of oppressive politicians. Going by my experience as we all look to #saveOke , you’d have to reformat my head to make me believe we are not a united people. When our National Assembly members raised their allowances, they did not consider their ethnic groups, they were all about their bank accounts. To allow politicians dictate the reality of our relationships is to allow the same bunch that has consistently and unrepentantly raped us to force us to kill ourselves. We must stand united as a people.

This is not an ethnic group’s oppression of another ethnic group. This is oppression by a Clan of Vampires bound by their quest to keep Nigerians so poor they’d be grateful just to live let alone to fight for justice. If those of us who cannot be kept poor by these brigands will allow it is the answer we will need to answer when we go to bed tonight or even right away. Are you gonna watch them finish our people off or we will get an alliance in place to battle bad governance, take it head on and in the dawn of one beautiful tomorrow open my eyes to the realities of good governance? It’s in our hands what Nigeria becomes.

A new nation will be birth. Will you be amongst its workers, building it brick by brick, with dirty hands and sweaty bodies? Will you be on the sidelines looking out for the mistakes of a generation desperate not to be bought by the chicken feed that got those who went before us to look back at their motherland and say to her face “Nigeria go to hell, this is my turn.” The battle is not between religions and ethnic groups, it is between the united Clan of Vampires and Divided Good Men.

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  1. @Kunle it's been a while brother. Where are you? What are you upto? You should see the new http://www.africanliberty.org site. I run it now, would like to publish your works on liberty, free markets et al.

    @adesola I will have to confess that your words above gripped me. It is folks like yourself that drive the passion and quest to keep ones eye on the ball. Thank you very much. We have a lot to do and we will do it better together.

    @Ahmadu thank you

    @Hephzibah yes it is. Thank you,

    @Bununu glad to see that. Thank you very much

  2. U write very briliantly and ur writeups are always educative.i just wish we would understand and be united as we were b4.God bless u for the wonderful job u've been doing.

  3. It truly is in our hands what Nigeria becomes. A really inspiring article.

  4. This is quite touching am moved to tears. Always on point. I do hope other Nigerians get to read this post.

  5. Each time I read your opinion, I don't just see another writer who is trying to make a living in writing, but always see a patrotic citizen, who, through his write ups,activities and other engagements passes message of hope. You don't just write, you have facts and you have the wisdom like daniel. Your words are worth a bowl of chicken to that man who live on less than a dollar perday, to youth, your words are the pillar we can lean against in struggle to win back our darling country. To the old, in your words are words of a peacful passing on, giving them assurance when they are gone, someone like you will do all you can for a united nigeria and not a divided one. Keep it up, I see a mentor in you.

  6. omojuwa king of the click.writing brilliantly as usual.

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