Monster: Man forces girlfriend to perform sex act on dog then shares the video

by Rachel Ogbu


Justin Mustafa,24,  from Massachusetts has been arrested for holding his girlfriend captive for days and forcing her to perform a sex act on his dog while he filmed.

According to reports, he was also accused of beating and choking her even forcibly injecting her with multiple doses if heroin, Cape Cod Online reported.

Finally, about a week later, the woman was able to report the incident at the Falmouth police station.

On Monday, Mustafa pleaded not guilty in Falmouth District Court to charges of assault and battery, assault with intent to murder, assault and battery with a dangerous weapon (a belt), bestiality, intimidating a witness, five counts of assault and battery with a hypodermic needle and malicious destruction of property valued at less than $250.

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The Huffignton Post reports:

She also told investigators that, when he forced her to perform the sex act on the dog, he filmed the incident and told her he would show other people the recording if she told anyone about what he had done.

Mustafa was arrested July 6, according to the Falmouth Bulletin.

Investigators say the victim told them the abuse started because Mustafa believed she had been unfaithful to him while he was in jail.

Mustafa had spent a year in jail that began in February 2012, after he pleaded guilty to filming a sexual encounter with a woman without her consent, according to the Associated Press. He hid the camera in the closet while the two had sex, then later sent a copy to the victim and her new boyfriend.


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  • Ajike says:

    This is rather animalistic. Its no news prior to what is going on around the world. The only prayer we should be saying is “God Save Us All”, otherwise we will all go down with satan. #shalom

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