“Nigeria is not a rich country” – See this & other thought-provoking quotes from #lessonsfromTFAsymposium

by Lekan Olanrewaju

In the aftermath of The Future Awards Symposium for Young and Emerging Leaders, tweeter @OKShorty1 (Kehinde Shote, who moderated the Private Sector session) shares lessons he learned from the event. The hashtag soon became a trending topic on Twitter.

Have a look at them below.

Celebrity activists and lone rangers can’t get us anywhere.

@OKShorty1: #lessonsfromTFAsymposium Nigeria is not a rich country. In fact we’re a very poor country with a little Crude Oil.

@OKShorty1: #lessonsfromTFAsymposium There is no incentive for Govt officials to stop being corrupt so we shouldn’t expect them to.

@OKShorty1: #lessonsfromTFAsymposium There’s no silver bullet for Nigeria’s problems. There’s a danger in touting ONE solution.

@OKShorty1: #lessonsfromTFAsymposium The idea that the younger generation will “save” Nigeria is overrated.

@OKShorty1: #lessonsfromTFAsymposium It’s a myth that old people are corrupt while young people are not. Corruption cuts across.

@OKShorty1: #lessonsfromTFAsymposium We’re wasting our time if we think we can have true Economic prosperity without fixing Govt.

@OKShorty1: #lessonsfromTFAsymposium We need a critical mass of change agents from within and outside Govt.

@OKShorty1: #lessonsfromTFAsymposium Twitter is just one of the tools to mobilise. Don’t get carried away with success here.

@OKShorty1: #lessonsfromTFAsymposium You think you’re great because you’re young. What have you achieved?

@OKShorty1: #lessonsfromTFAsymposium Not everyone can be a politician. You can change Nigeria even as an artiste, professional etc

@OKShorty1: #lessonsfromTFAsymposium Don’t get discouraged that things aren’t changing fast enough. This is a marathon.

@OKShorty1: #lessonsfromTFAsymposium Anger and passion are not enough. Pragmatism and patience are required to change Nigeria.

@OKShorty1 :#lessonsfromTFAsymposium We may not make a HUGE impact in 2015 but we can dent the system a bit. 2019 will be even better.

@OKShorty1 :#lessonsfromTFAsymposium The elite need to reach out to youth in rural areas to get the message of change across.

@OKShorty1: #lessonsfromTFAsymposium The current youth movements are elitist. We need more area boys, farmers, market women etc.

@OKShorty1: #lessonsfromTFAsymposium We can’t sit around waiting for the next elections to act. We need to plan before then. 

@OKShorty1: #lessonsfromTFAsymposium Changing Nigeria requires planning and strategy. Emotional responses won’t change anything.

@OKShorty1: #lessonsfromTFAsymposium Don’t expect a singular meeting, movement or engagement to bring change. It’s a long process.

@OKShorty1: #lessonsfromTFAsymposium Activism isn’t a job. Get a real job so you can feed your family and also fight the system.

@OKShorty1: #lessonsfromTFAsymposium Celebrity activists and lone rangers can’t get us anywhere. We need collaboration from everyone.

@OKShorty1: #lessonsfromTFAsymposium We don’t need professional politicians. We need people with real jobs to go into politics.

@OKShorty1: #lessonsfromTFAsymposium If you want to work for Govt be prepared to be either 100% holy or 100% corrupt.

@OKShorty1: #lessonsfromTFAsymposium Changing Govt will require pressure from outside and inside. They’re not going to just change.

@OKShorty1: #lessonsfromTFAsymposium Nigerian citizens are not active enough to force any change. We expect someone else to do it.


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