Opinion: Five Reasons Why Jonathan’s second term Will Be A disaster

by Prince Ken

History has a lot of lessons for us. History itself though an event of the past is vision of tomorrow. History is a divine prophet. Little wonder why science relies on history so much to unravel mysteries. I have not seen in history a government or political party in its second term that outperformed its first term in office. Public office holders often disguise and show less of their colour in first terms only to activate the beast in them in their second term when they think nothing is at stake.

Former president Olusegun Obasanjo awed the world in his first term in office, teachers had their fortune and Nigerians smiled more in his first term. Obasanjo showed the beast in him in his second term. Olusegun Mimiko governor of Ondo State was brilliant in his drive for a better plight for Ondo State citizens and we sang his name. Mimiko got his second term and his current dispositions are tantamount to that of a possessed mad man who listens only to the voice of his demons and we curse his name daily.

I wonder and ponder over the matter of second term for President Jonathan, and I have 5 reasons why I think Jonathan’s second term in office will be a national disaster.


The carnage unleashed by Boko Haram terrorists in Nigeria is alarming. The situation is ominous and the government of the day’s body language says “no cause for control”. The kids’ glove used by the present government in dealing with this barbaric disposition of terrorists is dangerous and dreadful. The President dines with Boko Haram sponsors and declared a ceasefire when it appears that the military is winning the war. It is annoying that the military only decided to assault Boko Haram when top military commanders were killed. Obviously the government is playing political games with the peoples’ lives. A nation under terrorist’s siege will never experience peace if the evil is not stamped out from the land early enough. Now that the president has failed to eliminate this evil under first term pressure, there is nothing to expect from him in his more comfortable second term.


We have experienced successive governments of thieves but never in history have we had it so bad. Corruption under President Goodluck Jonathan’s government is being defended and encouraged in no little measure. We have seen thieves pardoned and incongruously awarded.

Sanni Abacha’s award comes to mind. The wanton consumption of oil money by the minister of Petroleum Alison Madueke is unchecked. The whereabouts of over N20 billion that grew wings in the NNPC is yet to be discovered. We have not seen any conviction or imprisonment of corrupt public office holders and that is enough proof that corruption will increase to disastrous levels in Goodluck Jonathan’s second term. Certainly it will! Would you allow that?


It is no more news that Nigeria is a ticking time bomb. The problem of unemployment and our poverty rate is pitiable. Just like past governments, the government pumps billions of money into fixing the problem but the average Nigerian does not benefit from such provisions. Perhaps it is just money for the colonies of thieves swarming the corridors of power. We will hold the President responsible for the sins of his Ministers. The death for

Job in the recent Immigration recruitment comes to mind. Conditional ties to loan packages ensure that only the rich benefit from such provisions hence the increasing gap between the rich and the poor. The recent N220 billion intervention fund was given to the Bank of Industry that has consistently failed to use billions already in its coffers to better the lives of the very needy. This trend will continue in Goodluck Jonathans second term in office. We therefore foresee the same result. Mr Jonathan! You don’t deserve a second term. My readers, does he?


Every problem we face in our country stems partly from poor education. From the uncivil act of terrorists to the street hawkers, something is lacking. Education!

The cruel increase in tuition fees recently in our universities and colleges has put many out of school. I suppose the government should augment the increase with scholarships and education loans as practised in foreign countries with high cost of education. It is plain robbery to bill us so high without matching quality. The recent greed induced increase in Tuition fees at National Open University of Nigeria speaks volume. We need quality and affordable education that we can use to better our lives even if there are no jobs out there. Unfortunately, I don’t see it happening in Goodluck Jonathan’s second term. Should we not vote him out?


With infrastructure developments comes jobs and employment. The government of the day over reliance on oil is disastrous. Almost all facets of Nigeria suffer except the oil industry. Agriculture has taken the most hit. The promise of diversifying the economy over the years have not been kept and in fact, despite the propaganda of improvement in agriculture, all over the south west, I have only seen a combine harvester in Ipeme town of Ondo State and it has broken down for over two decades now. How has the government of the day mechanized farming? What infrastructures have been developed? Mr Jonathan’s creeks and farmlands are polluted with oil, perhaps a reason not to border. Anyway, a second term will not bring the change. We say no.

Rushing to the polling units to casts votes without considering our pressing issues and the capability of our desired candidates to fix these marauding problems will be unwise.

The above points are not mine. They are all from the greatest prophet and seer of all times. History!


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  1. He doesn’t deserve to finish the running tenure let alone another.

  2. He doesn’t deserve it at all

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