Opinion: Is your soul on fire?

by Ayo Owodunni

His name was Dotun.  He was about 60 years old, 5ft 5 inches and had a beautiful family.  He had worked for a prestigious government organization for many years and had just recently retired. Like many other retirees, he waited for his pension from the government. After many years of serving his country, Dotun expected his country to return the act of service he had rendered for many years.  Unfortunately days turned into months and months turned into years; still no payment for his many years of hard work.

As time elapsed, the fire began to dwindle in Dotun’s eyes both literally and figuratively.  Figuratively he had started to lose hope.  He couldn’t pay his bills any longer and began to loose all the investments he’s worked all his life to earn.  Literally Dotun had started to lose his vision.  Within a year or so Dotun had gone totally blind.

So here he was a few years past his working years: hopeless, homeless, blind, broke and in bad health.  Such a sad story but unfortunately it doesn’t end here.

Dotun got lucky and found a home that took him and his family in.  Everyone was grateful for the miracle home but this man’s strength to survive had totally dwindled.  Dotun allowed the circumstances around him to dictate how he lived his life.  Before you know it, Dotun’s words became a reflection of the thoughts in his heart.  He started making statements like:

  • “I really should just die. There’s no point living.
  • “I am tired of living. What kind of life is this. It is better to just die”

As time went along, Dotun couldn’t walk on his own and needed assistance.  His family started to complain of his negative spirit and grudgingly supported him through his ordeal.  Within a year of finding his new home, Dotun passed away.  A slow, long, sad, painful death.

Here’s another story. 

Her name is Comfort and she is just over the age of 60.  After innocently eating a meal one lovely Sunday morning, her health took a drastic turn.  Comfort purged till she couldn’t stand on her two feet anymore.  Within days of eating, she couldn’t talk, eat, stand or even sit on her own.  The doctors couldn’t figure out exactly what happened to her.  Things got so bad that comfort lost weight drastically within days.

Comfort had 5 children but had not seen her last child in over 8 years.  She always wanted him to return home and be close to her but circumstances just wouldn’t allow this to happen.  One fateful day while laying on the hospital bed, comfort’s last son walked into the room and smiled at his mother.  (Apparently the son heard of her sickness and decided to come back home) Upon seeing her son on her ‘sick bed,’ this woman who couldn’t talk, eat, sit up or even stand, suddenly came back to life.  There was a sense of rejuvenation in her spirit. The woman who was slowly giving up a will to live began to slowly heal.  After 3 months of a near death ordeal, she was back to life again, stronger than ever, walking and eating by herself.

I once had an opportunity to speak to comfort and asked her what kept her going through those tough times in the hospital.  She said, “Once I saw my son again, I said I must not die.  There’s so much to do. I simply can’t die now.”

How fired up are you about life? How excited are you to wake up in the morning to start your day? Do you still have dreams? Goals? Things you want to do? Is the flare still in your eyes when you speak of your future and your future plans? How do you approach life when faced with trials

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  1. I think you have to face life as it is and leave the rest with God as he knows the end from the beginning.

  2. Wow I am Blessed

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