Ric Hassani is becoming a sweetheart for many and we love to see it

by Ogbeche Ohotuwo

There’s so much bad news going on in every corner of the world. In 2020 alone, we have witnessed the threat of a war between the USA and Iran, the world lost Kobe and Gigi Bryant, there was the Australian wildfires, a meteor hitting the earth was threatened and then came the coronavirus pandemic. As if a disease killing thousands of people worldwide is not enough, racism and bigotry is also leading people to murder in America and Kaduna.

Amidst the bad news and the silence/inadequacy of leaders, it’s a breath of fresh air to find beautiful music, a listening ear and comforting words. And that’s why Ric Hassani is loved by many. His single Wave released only last month and is quickly becoming a favourite with his fans, who still rave about his The African Gentleman album.

But it’s not only his music that’s connecting Ric Hassani with his community of peace-loving fans. The laid-back star adopted the style of calling fans who put up their phone numbers on his website. These phone calls are a reminder that we are in this together, and our differences should only unite us. Elated fans have been tweeting to gush out their surprise and gratitude for his selflessness, and some just ‘crush’ on him.

Nonetheless, Ric Hassani is not the only celebrity creating a personal touch with fans, especially during this period; other musicians have been either calling fans or asking their fans to call them on special numbers just like Fireboy and the American Meg Thee Stallion.

But Hassani, has a special place in the hearts of his fans. Even before the phone calls which will last only 60 days were introduced, his special newsletters have been a source of joy and encouragement to many fans. In an especially confusing time, Ric Hassani’s letters are a wonderful inspiration for finding joy, peace and happiness for his readers. Not only does he write general newsletters, he also creates individual conversations and shares personal responses with his amazing fan base.

Fans also seem to really like his tastefully furnished apartment, his house plants, his kitchen and especially his love for noodles.

Quite importantly, although separated by physical distance, Ric Hassani is becoming not just a musician and celebrity to his fans, but a good friend. According to Hassani, “You don’t get good friends by looking for them, you get good friends by being a good friend.”

Ric Hassani is showing this example with his fans, as well as with his “Boys,” the members of his boy band who he portrays as not only really good friends, but also talented musicians.

The icing on the cake for many fans will happen today, 29 May on Zikoko’s Instagram Live where Ric Hassani is again opening himself up to many who would want an opportunity to go on a date with him.

Ric Hassani is becoming a sweetheart for many people, and we love to see it.


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