‘I don’t believe Bible stuff about making love’: Queeneth Hilbert, Ronke Ojo, other Nollywood actresses talk sex

by Chinwe Okafor

Sex seems to be a subject of discussion this week among these budding Nollywood actresses Pascaline Alex, Queeneth Hilbert, Ronke Ojo and Collette Orji.
In a separate interview among the screen quartets, they talked about what sex is to them.
Read below;
Pascaline Alex doesn’t mince words when it comes to her feelings about sex. She revealed that one of the things that turn her on is sex. “Let me skip the ‘Holier than thou’ stuff, sex sometimes turn me on too. But good sex follows when your man is good. I think it is between two matured people, sex should not be a forceful act. I think it’s something that comes out from the mind, you want to do it and this person wants to do it, it’s a neutral thing. I tell people sometimes that you don’t have to force a lady or force a guy to have sex with you, it’s just an attraction. It’s just what the heart speaks and what you want to do at that moment. I see sex as a neutral thing; it’s not a forceful act. I feel sad when I hear of rape in this our generation, it’s not good. Sex is not rape; you don’t have to put it in a rape kind of way so I think sex is a very neutral thing, it’s a thing of the mind”.
Queeneth Hilbert has had her fair share of experiences with men. She said, “When I was trying to establish myself as a model, every man I met wanted something from me. In this country, most men you meet don’t want to do anything for you unless you are ready to offer sex. Only very few men are nice. I don’t know if it happens like that to other women but for me, it has and that doesn’t mean I have anything against men. I don’t” she says.
But that hasn’t stopped her from having sex either especially with men, “Well, you see someone and you feel this guy will be good in bed, fine, go ahead and have it. Sex is something you can have if you feel good about it. I don’t believe all those Bible stuffs about sex”.
Ronke Ojo thinks sex “is not something to be compromised in life”. Not even her ethics as a Yoruba person and actress can put aside the importance of sex, even before marriage. She says it is as essential to life as money, “Sex is a normal part of life just like money. I know I am a Yoruba ambassador but personally, I believe any body above 18 that has a serious relationship can have sex even outside marriage. The couple should know what they have underneath their clothes. What if I do not like the size as a lady? Frankly, it is one of the reasons why many go into extra marital affairs because even when a man has everything in the world and does not satisfy me sexually, there is serious trouble. I can not go into a marriage and start regretting, besides, you won’t be able to tell your family members what you are going through in the name of marriage. I can not manage sex, it is either I enjoy it or not”.
For Colette Orji she can’t seem to wait to have sex. She said, “You know what the Bible and our parents taught us and also what actually is happening out there. If you want to listen to your parents or your Bible, you can wait till you get married. As for me, I don’t want to wait (laughing). I can’t abide by the Bible stuff on sex. Sex is something normal. If you know you are matured and ready and you can handle it then go ahead”.

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