Should a man get into the bath-tub naked with his granddaughter? See this photo and decide

by Rachel Ogbu

Bishop Larry Trotter, high profiled senior pastor of the Sweet Holy Spirit Church, an 8,000-member, mega-church located in the south side of Chicago, woke up to a huge debate after photo himself and his 4year old granddaughter in a bathtub appeared on his Instagram page.

Now social media is ablaze as this picture has both sinners and saints divided. Many argue that the picture is innocent and it is social media and the general public that is perverting an innocent time between a grandfather and his granddaughter. Others argue that this is perverted and regardless of how innocent his intentions may have been, that no grown a  man should be in the tub with a child of any age:

One person wrote:

No man should ever ever ever take a bath with a female in his family or friends. That’s only for a man and his wife! This is totally inappropriate behaviour!

The bishop defended himself by saying that while taking a bubble bath, his granddaughter, who was visiting with her parents for the weekend, came in the bathroom and asked him if she could get in the tub. He said yes, and it was the girl’s mother who took the photograph.

What do you think – Is it inappropriate?


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