Technology 101: Evolve or die!

by Oluwatobi Soyombo

Welcome to the 21st century, an era where trends change rapidly. The days we live in are those in which technology keeps changes everything. From banking to Education, from aviation to communication the change keeps sweeping across all sectors of the economy. These are interesting times where social media is daily redefining communication.

Yesterday, as I prepared a report for one of the carriers in the Nigerian Aviation Industry, one word keeps ringing in my head – EVOLE! I have been using it as my signature in my YNaija column. It’s the only solution to redundancy. My fear was mainly that “Is this airline ready for this change?” “Are they ready to Evolve?”

Today, companies and individuals have just two choices in order to stay on top of their game. The first option is to respond positively to the change while the second option is to lead the change. Companies and Individuals that position themselves for these two options have a lot to enjoy. On the other hand, there are individuals and companies who are still saying NO to the various changes created by technology.

Imagine what Social Media has done to companies that have responded positively to it. Numerous companies are daily increasing their profit and customer base via the social media platforms they belong to. On the other hand, I have seen companies and Individuals who still see no reason why they should either own a website, a Facebook account or a twitter handle. To them, these platforms can’t drive sales. Well, I can’t but disagree with them. While disagreeing, my advice has always been “Evolve or die“. It sounds bitter but very true.

History is littered with the death of numerous companies who have failed to move with the trend. Whether as an individual or a company, the trend is your friend. Trust me on that! I can see numerous companies and individuals who are redundant today. Redundancy here is that moment  when your environment outgrows your relevance. It will be your duty constantly evolve.

This is the end of business as usual, friend. Those who continue to do business the usual way are just blast from the past. In the next few years, Nigeria will soon witness the death of certain companies. It won’t be due to any other factor other than the fact that they have refused to embrace change. Not only this, individuals who have refused to embrace this change also have a lot to lose in the coming years. Mark this paragraph and quote me anywhere!

As I write this, I seek not the approval of anyone on this subject. You or your company don’t have to agree with me. However the truth remains that companies and individuals that take advantage of the technologies today’s world boasts of will definitely reap their reward. The world owes a lot to anyone who can do amazing things with technology.

So, you want to ask yourself:

  • ·         How else can I begin to use technology (social media, mobile technology, the WWW and others) in a new way?
  • ·         How can I drive sales using the technology at my disposal?
  • ·         How can I engage my customers via technology?
  • ·         How can I reduce business processes using technology?
  • ·         How can I save money through technology?
  • ·         How is technology changing my industry and how can I respond positively?
  • ·         How can I create a change in my Industry using technology?
  • ·         How can I become more productive using technology?

Asking the above questions sets you in line with the change. Those were the questions I asked myself sometimes ago. I have never stopped answering those questions every time I review my strategies. You don’t want to imagine what I have achieved with this. No matter who you are or your type of business, keep Evolving!

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  1. thought provoking!!

    The questions that you mentioned surely help .. Surely makes you feel good / enthusiastic about the ever changing technology

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