Here’s why #Igbo is trending again and it’s not ‘because of money’

Igbo Tribe

One of the most interesting things about Nigeria is the multi-cultural diversities that exists between her people and the ways these differences are expressed. In Nigeria, certain traits are attributed to certain ethnicities and just like we have people who are known for a particular thing, the idea of generalization comes into play. Almost every tribe is known for one thing or another and on the streets of Nigeria Twitter, different groups are always ready to call out these differences.

The Igbo tribe, for example, are chiefly known for their love of money, something that isn’t verified because in the end, who doesn’t like a few currency notes to their name? So it may make sense to think that when Igbo trends on Twitter, it may be for the one thing they are chiefly known for.

While Twitter users from all tribes in Nigeria, do well at calling each other out, Twitter users are this time gushing over the Igbo tribe for every good thing they stand for. One Twitter user took out his time to narrate the origin of the tribe as he pointed out that his description explains their resilience and hardworking spirit and while others agree with him, others don’t.

Some other users shared personal experiences that explain how good and wise an Igbo person can be, as they pointed out that it is with this wisdom and goodness that they are able to work their way into making their money for people to regard them as lovers of money.

Of course, a trend like this doesn’t start without a few people explaining and sharing their bad experiences with the Igbo people. While there are always two sides to every story, some people would always want to go through the other side to let others know that they have had bad experiences with the Igbo tribe. Just like the purpose of the trend was, it was a happy feeling and moment for everyone who talked about the Igbo tribe.

Many Twitter users were quick to shut down those who wanted to spew negativity towards the Igbo tribe as they reminded them of the importance of not generalizing a whole tribe based on their personal experience.

Igbo is trending and it is a reminder of our differences as a nation, our differences that makes us unique, because it is that differences we share in common that makes us one as a nation.

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