They are planning to hang me: Buhari speaks up again

by Lekan Olanrewaju

As if being told to visit the zoo wasn’t bad enough, former Head of State General Muhammadu Buhari may now be in danger of being arrested. Well, if we’re to believe his own suspicions, that is. Speaking through Buba Galadima, the National Secretary for his party, the CPC, in an interview yesterday, he stated that he was simply the victim of a smear campaign which would be used as an excuse to “hang” him.

“They are just trying to give us a bad name in order to hang us,” said Galadima. “We know that they are already planning to arrest the General and I, they are just preparing grounds for their actions.”

“It is those who organise the rigging of elections that are trying to disrupt the peace, not Buhari,” he continued in the interview with Premium Times. “It is not General that is threatening peace, rather it is the action of the PDP that is leading to bloodbath, they have infected us with bloodbath.”

The President had yesterday reacted to Buhari’s predictions of  bloodshed in the country through a statement signed by his Special Adviser, Dr Reuben Abati.

“We find it very sad that an elder statesman who once presided over the entirety of Nigeria can reduce himself to a regional leader who speaks for only a part of Nigeria,” read the statement.

The statement also mentions former Minister of the FCT Mallam Nasir El-Rufai, saying:

“We now understand what his protégé and former Minister of the Federal Capital Territory (FCT), Malam Nasir El’Rufai, meant when he wrote in a public letter in October of 2010, telling Nigerians that Buhari remains “perpetually unelectable” and that Buhari’s  “insensitivity to Nigeria’s diversity and his parochial focus are already well-known.”


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  1. and youn think buhari is responsible for the deaths?????? no dis respect paul but your cowardice stinks ……. Henry Okah accused Jonathan on oath as been a master mind of the octer 1 bombing and no one is saying a thing

    1. @ Idoko Eche; having the ability to pronounce written words and lacking the ability to understand these words are entirely different. that is why I can understand your confusion, because I do not see any relationship between my comment on Buhari's unstatemanly vituperation on the state of the nation and your label on me …'your cowardice stinks'. COWARDICE is expressed as lacking courage or being fearful, but my comment did not reflect 'lack of courage, or being fearful'. Being the gentleman that I am, I would not waste my hihgly intelligent opinion(s) to engage you in an arguement lacking viable returns. My honest advice to you is to go back to school to be able to understand what wise people say instead of exposing your ignorance in a forum such as this social site called facebook. Thank you, and I hope you graduate soon. Your friend and brother – Paul.

  2. The problem of Nigeria did not start from BH, but bcos of BH problem have started, it is being used as excuse, it looks as if we(Nigerians) have lost focus, we did not remember how it is difficult for our leaders to fight corruption(bcos you cannot bit the finger that feed you and also he that lives in glass house does not throw stone and he that goes for equity goes with clean hand),it seems as we have did not know the number of unemployed and underemployed youths in Nig.(idle brain is in devilsh workshop),SME find it difficult to survive bcos our PHCN have metamorphos from EPILEPTIC to COMATOSE power, few cabals are siphoning the money mearnt for Nigerians into their private pockets, now the youths,old and young are not laughing, Nigerians have provoke to the highest level so any thing can cause explosion, so let us stop beating about the bush, and look at the fundamentals, bcos if our leaders did not fail us, it will be diffiult for any body to come and push people around, call it Buhari or any body, so let us go back to drawing board and stop looking for cheap excuse. Long live Nigeria.

  3. Pathetic! very pathetic for Buhari. I sympathize with him for all the 'troubles' he is passing through in his tough ambition to misrule Nigeria. He is not a leader, even if he pretends to be, then he is like the fool that breaks the bridge then attempts to cross the river. The blood of the those he bombed to death from April 2011 up to day, and the tears of the orphans and widows will haunt him to his 'early' death. Mitchewwww.

    1. The truth is that we must to find the whole facts before we can nail someone on the cross if not we are guilty of our speech and other persecutions from ours hand to others hearing. Judge not………

  4. The questions are so many for GEJ to answer under a normal regulated time of an examination and the peace of the examination hall is equally disrupted by the insurgence of insecurity. How normal are you to expect the presidency to react fast in such an examination condition? Buhari knows all these that's why he is doing what he's doing to ensure the presidency of GEJ fails. We were taught in school that one who does not respect his leaders and constitution is a law breaker so why don't we think Buhari is? The peace of the nation is injured and can't heal if Buhari fails to realize that GEJ is now the president whether he likes it or not, in that his 'one' head can't decide for the 160million citizens of this country. It's time to join hands and accept the fact that Nigeria must move forward under the steer of one man, again irrespective of where he was born. By the way, are we not expected to have complains from other contestants too? Why is he (Buhari) behaving as if he's the only one who contested but failed?
    Sometime ago, Buhari commented that the Niger Delta agitators were rather pampered instead of scourged. Supporting the fact that boko haram sect too should be treated same way. The Niger Delta agitators begged for the upgrade of the area from which the resources that tarred the roads in the north came from. They never killed and burnt human beings the way it has become traditional in the hands of the boko haram sect. What is boko haram agitating for? Probably for the destruction of those tarred roads right? Everyone is responsible for whatever he does. Let them all swim to the buttom of the ocean if they don't like the GEJ administration. It wouldn't ever have been so if GEJ were to be a muslim. These are facts that we shy away from but deal with us on daily basis. Pathetic Buhari in 2015, if at all he sees it the way he's going.

  5. Curing scabies and leaving leprosy.

  6. Even if the elections were rigged, for heaven's sake cant they think of something else to do? Buhari should think of a better way to help Nigeria, if he keeps ranting about the past elections he might die before the real hanging.

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