The time sacked FBI director, Comey, fact-checked Trump during hearing

Did you know that James Comey, the former Director of the Federal Bureau of Intelligence (FBI) once fact-checked US President, Donald Trump?

Well on March 20, during the House Intelligence Committee hearing Comey who was testifying on “Russia’s influence” on the 2016 presidential election and claims by the president that Obama wiretapped his phones, the FBI boss corrected a Trump tweet in real time.

Trump had tweeted, “FBI Director Comey refuses to deny he briefed President Obama on calls made by Michael Flynn to Russia.”

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In another tweet, he wrote, “FBI Director Comey admits Obama’s White House had ability to “unmask” American citizens.”

As the hearing went on Comet’s attention was called to the tweet to which he responded, saying, “I’m sorry. I haven’t been following anyone on Twitter while I’ve been sitting here.”

Senator Jim Himes, a Democrat, then went ahead to read one of Trump’s tweets aloud. “This tweet has gone out to millions of Americans,” Himes said. “Is the tweet, as I read it to you, is that accurate?”

Responding, Comey said, “Well, it’s hard for me to react to that. Let me just tell you what we understand.

“What we’ve said is, we’ve offered no opinion, have no view, have no information on potential impact because it’s never something that we looked at.”

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Himes then asked Comey, “So it’s not too far of a logical leap to conclude that the assertion that you’ve told the Congress that there was no influence on the electoral process is not quite right.”

Comey, said, “It certainly wasn’t our intention to say that today,” he said, contradicting the president. “We don’t have any information on that subject. That’s not something that was looked at.”

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