Toni Payne EXPLODES! The (Twitter) Diary of a Mad Black Woman

– talks to exclusively.

by ‘Damilola Oyedele


Twitter hath no fury like Toni Payne scorned! She is now an official member of the Twitter stream-of-consciousness hall of fame (Kanye West had his moment last week). It isn’t funny though: the young music manager and publicist can’t take it anymore.

It was clear that all wasn’t well in the home of the 9ice’s, but not so clear was a side of the story which the public was yet to hear. Till yesterday, that is. Toni filled the eyes and ears of millions as she broke the silence in a series of tweets, which began around 8:30pm last night.“My silence has been taken for granted, my love has made me out to be the fool”, she began; and it didn’t stop there. Ms Payne issued several threats, and insulting comments directed at her husband in a “correct-drama-turned-action-movie”, as one of her followers aptly puts it. 
Why is this black woman so mad? In an angry response to our reporter, who phoned to get her comments, Toni continues: “I had to rant because he doesn’t get it! He’s shot a video replying Rugged(man), and people will see and think it’s because he (Ruggedman) slept with his wife which isn’t true! I have told Rugged to drop this issue and like a matured honourable man, he has, because it’s affecting me, but my husband is too stubborn and won’t listen. He wants to satisfy and get revenge on Rugged without thinking of the other people it will affect.”
It would seem that within the space of three sentences Mrs 9ice has called her husband an immature, vindictive and small-minded.
Toni maintains though that the much-talked-about affair between her and Ruggedman never happened. On Twitter, she said that she had waited for the rumour to die a natural death, but her husband’s PR team “are busy dragging the issue further”. She continues: “I’ve been through so much this year. If not for God, I would’ve gone mental, yet the dude sat back and watched me get the slack for something I didn’t do?”
It’s clear that the mother of 9ice’s only child was in pain as she tweeted: “I shut my mouth and took it all for the love I had for my son, for the love I had for him. Now it’s being pissed on in the most ridiculous way!… Consider every unit (of the album) sold a tear drop from me, and trust me, God don’t like ugly.” 
15 hours after, Toni sees nothing wrong with her outburst. “Some other woman would have done worse… Another chick would have gone buck wild on the dude”, she told our reporter. “Do not take my quiet for stupidity!”

Could ‘stupidity’ have been the better choice in this case? One of her followers thinks so. “Toni, you’re saying too much,” the follower said on Twitter. “You’re giving his album cheap popularity, why don’t you just face your kid and your work! It’s not worth it. He’s probably in the arms of another woman as we speak!” And Toni replied: “Yeah it will sell the album, but consider it blood money for every insult I’ve gotten”.
Her final comments on Twitter were “Ki olorun da emi gbogbo wa si. That day I will fully understand the type of person I said “I do” to. With that said I’ll finish my ice cream, take a nice warm bath and enjoy me some Africa Magic Yoruba!”

While she must have enjoyed all three, one cannot but wonder about the obvious – will she enjoy the aftermath of this outburst? Is Twitter really the place to sort out family issues. As a PR professional, wouldn’t that be an obviously disastrous move? Would it have been better if she’d kept silent, or better still, picked up the phone, instead of logging on to Twitter?

Only in the following weeks and months will we be able to tell the effect this evidently spontaneous moment will have on Toni Payne’s life and her career, and how seriously she will be taken by the public. We can only hope she continues to “soar higher, work harder and achieve her dreams” as she said. There are many folks rooting for her.

UPDATE:At about 12 noon, 9ice responded to his wife on Twitter, though his @real9ice Twitter handle, seeming to taunt her. Readers can see his Tweets below.Also below is the Tweet that seems to have started it all: promising to give a “very special gift” to a dear friend on the 20th of this month – that date happens to be Ruggedman’s birthday. 

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  1. na them sabi!
    shot gun marriages are not god!
    the boy obviously used and dumped her!
    no one would have take her anyway!
    all i ask is
    pack ur bags and return to the US!

  2. This one na real “correct-drama-turned-action-movie” i just hope it doesn't become horror film

  3. I think toni should just shut up, wat is she ranting abt? has she not done worst, y is she now feeling pained? Y is she not blaming rugged? How did rugged come into the picture? Didn't she say she loved dat song months b4 it came out. Pls she has no point. Like ur friend said! Go get urself a boyfriend.

  4. Wow! She really said all this??

  5. Wow. This is really an angry black woman! I hope it ends well.

  6. This issue is one that needs the intervention of God and wisdow b4 one can say anything.I understand how Toni Payne must be feeling about the whole issue,same with Rugged and 9ice.Everyone in the issue seem to be seriously hurt,I pray God will bring peace to all the parties involve.

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