Twitter Personality: @MoSallyHits says ‘Twitter has been my best CNN!’


by Ifreke Inyang [@Ifreke]

Sally is yet another tweeter that has doesn’t just have the ‘MoHits’ suffix in her handle – she is part of the very successful label and brand. A firm confirmation came when @DONJAZZY tweeted: “Shout out to one of my special soldiers @MOsallyHITS toh badt. Thanks for everything hun. God bless you!” She graduated recently and is planning to launch her fashion line. If you follow her, you will have no other choice but to like her, because as she says, “I am every man’s dream girl!” Sally is our next YNaija Twitter Personality.

How did you get on Twitter?
I got on Twitter through Facebook. I saw some people talk about it and I registered, but I didn’t know Twitter terms so I abandoned it for a while, until @Tegamohits told me that Twitter is the after party of Facebook. He even offered to teach me how to use it. That’s how it all started.

Who would you say is your favourite tweep?
I have a whole lot of them. @RevRunWisdom – His tweets are just too wonderful. They help me personally in my daily life. @JoelOsteen – especially when he tweets about faith, and so on.

Is there any particular tweet you would never forget? Tell us about it.
No, there is no particular tweet 🙂

Have you had any embarrassing/memorable experience on Twitter, if yes? What happened?
Oh Yes! I have had an embarrassing moment on Twitter. I “gbagaun’ed”(made an error). I can’t really remember the #Gbagaun but it was when they said Osama died. It was all over Twitter. I got so many insults just because I made an error.

What are the downsides of being on Twitter?

I will use myself as an example. You become an addict, also you get insulting tweets from people who won’t be able to say a word to you when they see you out there. And also, Twitter corrects you in a hard way especially when you make an error. It can get really embarrassing I must say. There are so many others but I’ll stop here.

What are the upsides?

You get information on Twitter. I am not a news person, like I can’t just sit and watch CNN but Twitter has been my best CNN!  Also you learn, education-wise too. Twitter brings you closer to celebrities, Twitter is one comedic world and you know laughter heals the soul. And yes, you meet a lot of good people there too.

Has Twitter gotten you more fans/friends?
I don’t know about fans oh, lol, but friends? Sure! I could start naming them now… LOL

Describe your Twitter persona in three words.
1. Dramatic
2. Promoter
3. Loving

Do you follow back readily? Why?
I follow back readily, especially when you follow me and ask for a follow back. If I don’t follow back, it is either I didn’t see your tweet or you are not following me.

What would make you possibly close your Twitter account?


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  1. Yaaaaaaaaay!!!!!!! *chanting* sally! Sally! Sally!!!! Love you to bits … You go girl… Your loved by many… XoXo

  2. sally is a very sweet person and she basically always has something to be happy about :*

  3. U deserve to be twitter personality hun! Such a sweet girl…and she replies peoples tweets and always has something nice to say…u rock sally! :*

  4. Nobody can test her o,if them nor send her,me sef nor send them.I met her in a unique way,she actually ffed me first,nd i did same,wtout her asking for a ff bk,bcus i was amazed when she did.God go make u bigger.Oshey

  5. That's my twitter personality. I respect r a lot. She's a good Xtian too. Just say pls nd she will ff u immediately nd she's hawt.

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