11 ways to get him to ‘put a ring on it’

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4 Responses

  1. jeze says:

    You people always come up with these damn principles for women. If you like, become a saint, clean, sweep, and mop your boyfriend’s head, a man will propose to whoever he wants when he wants to.

    All these tips are pointless and make women seem weak and desperate. Instead of creating guidelines for women to follow in order to please men, (because men have automatically become mini gods)- how about you create “rules” to help these “mini gods” evolve into rational and mature human beings. Don’t you think that’s necessary?

  2. shanty says:

    lf u do the cooking cleaning and all u already doing the wife duties when u aint it..it simply means u giving yo bf the beneffits of a husband n trust me he wont c a reasn 2 put a ring on it coz h hz it already..

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